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My worthless trip to the dr

The past couple days MJ & C have started to have a cough again. This morning MJ stayed in bed all morning and wasn’t feeling well. I decided to take them in to the dr so they could hopefully get some antibiotics and get over this. When the Dr. finally came in to see us though he quickly declared it a “virus” and told me to have them take vit C and bring them in in a week if they weren’t over it. Then he was out the door before I had a chance to react or complain. So that ended up being a waste of both time & money! Sheesh.

The nurse gave MJ some tylenol because he had a fever & wasn’t feeling well. I figured that should kick in and he would start feeling better and we could run to the grocery store on the way home. First we went to the healthfood store to pick up some supplements. I got some chewable zinc tablets, chewable eccinacia tablets, and some hylands kids flu care tablets. I also got a bottle of C, zinc & eccinacia for myself. And a couple bottles of kefir, since I’m taking antibiotics and need that good bacteria.

After we grabbed that stuff they were saying they were hungry, so rather than fast food I decided we should get some healthy chicken vegetable soup from their deli counter. We ate that at the little eating area. Then when we got out to the car I changed J & C’s diapers. Just as I got them all into the vehicle, MJ threw up his lunch all over himself. After getting him all cleaned up I promised him we’d go straight home and skip the grocery shopping. Maybe someday I’ll actually make it to the store!

J seemed to be having a growth spurt when we got home. He wanted to nurse nearly constantly for the better part of 3 hours. I started getting sleepy so eventually I laid in bed with him and I got to doze a bit. But that kind of put a damper on the housecleaning I had planned. I was able to wash the dishes & take the garbage out.

MJ seemed to start feeling better by this evening, but went to bed early voluntarily. C  has already been awake a few times since I put him to bed. I gave him some motrin so hopefully he’ll be okay enough to sleep better. J is awake now and wanting something from me so I should go.



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Finding my New Groove

Welcome back to the blog world! After my hiatus I’m hoping to be regularly blogging again.

We had a very excruciating month of waiting. We felt like our lives were on hold while we waited endlessly for certain things. We waited to hear news about the job, then we were waiting for the baby, who took his merry old time to make his appearance! Thankfully all that is in the past now! It was quite stressful & took it’s toll on us, especially my pregnant nerves!

So, in a brief recap…

M was supposed to start his job training on January 26th. Baby’s due date was Jan 15th, but he still wasn’t coming so M reluctantly called and requested to start a week later, Feb 2nd. As February 2nd approached, however, baby J was still not wanting to come out. So with sadness we prepared for the possibility of having to have this baby while M was gone.  We usually have “unassisted” home waterbirths, so I started the process of finding a midwife who would take me on so late. (42 weeks!) Thankfully I was able to find one and we arranged for her services in the case of M’s absence.

Unfortunately, M did have to leave early Monday (Feb 2nd) and J still hadn’t been born. The W family generously offered to have me come and stay with them and use their house to birth in. While we were on our way up there to get settled in, the midwife called to ask about coming up to make sure she’d be able to find the place when it was time. (The W’s live about 30 minutes from town in a rural area.) When the midwife got there she decided to check my dialation and surprisingly she said I was at 7cm and thin & stretchy. She was able to easily get me to a 9cm!! I wasn’t even in labor yet!! (And on Friday I had been only 3cm and “thick”.) So she realized she wouldn’t be going home!  Everyone suddenly got in a panic to get the birth stuff set up! I was incredulous and a bit in shock!

Anyways, I will write up a full birth story later, but baby J was born at 9:06pm weighing in at a hefty 9lbs, 14.5oz, 18 days past his due date!

On Tuesday I got ill. E had already been sick and C came down with it, too. MJ ended up getting it to a lesser extent later in the week, and we unfortunately infected the whole W family to varying degrees, too. I was actually feeling pretty well from the birth itself, but I was nasty sick for about a week. The help I received both for my own recovery and with the children was invaluable! I couldn’t have done it on my own, that’s for sure.

On Thursday morning, (Feb 12th) I packed up and drove to the airport to pick up M, who had been flown home by the company to spend the weekend with us. We had a wonderful time together, and it was very nice to be able to make the transition to being back at the trailer with M home instead of all by myself. We took him back to the airport on Sunday morning. He had been in Denver, CO for the two weeks, just getting some basic job orientation. He flew to IL to begin his job training on Sunday. He has four weeks there, then another four weeks in Texas. (During this time he will get two flights back over the weekend.) After he graduates from his training he will be in Phoenix, AZ for another 4-6 weeks. If we are able to work it out, we are hoping to take the trailer and go be with him during that time. Then we will all be together in Denver for 8-12 months, and then we’ll be in our ‘permanent’ location, which is TBD, but we’ve heard either Seattle, WA or Portland, OR. Whew!! Lots of moving around, huh? This year is shaping up to be quite the adventure!

Meanwhile, here at home I’m trying to find my new groove, having a newborn, having four children, being alone. Of course, I have a wonderful church family here who are looking out for me. But it’s still lonesome without M around, especially in the evenings. Also, please pray that C starts sleeping better. He was sleeping horribly at the W’s house because he was sick. At home he had been doing better, but the past couple nights have been rough. Having a needy 20 month old who is crying and threatening to wake the whole trailer park, and having a hungry newborn at 1:30am is not a fun experience.

Today the T’s are helping me out, they took my vehicle to get the oil change it needed, so I wouldn’t have to go out. The S’s are coming later this afternoon to bring me a meal. I am very blessed and feel SO loved!

Yesterday was the first time I was able to go to church in two weeks. It always seems like forever! It was great to see everyone again and show off my baby. After church I went to the thrift store and was able to find a few articles of clothing, I desperately need a new wardrobe, none of my clothes fit now! Then I decided we should do something fun so I stopped by a RedBox and picked up Kung Fu Panda and got a Little Caesar’s pizza. The evening didn’t go quite how I had expected, though, I thought we would all watch as a family but I instead decided to get some cleaning done. I’m happy with the progress I made, though. I’ve been working on some organizational projects and getting rid of clutter. It’s coming along quite well.

Well, I must tend to baby J now, so I’m going to finish this up now. I’ll post some pics soon!

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Welcome to 2009!

It’s quite hard to believe that it’s already 2009! It will take some getting used to!

I’ve felt like my life has been on hold for awhile now. I’ve been hormonal and pretty cranky/grouchy so I haven’t felt much like blogging. Hopefully I can stay on top of it for awhile now!

I’m just going to give a general overview of what’s been going on because I don’t have the time or inclination to be wordy about it.

M was laid off from his job at Pardee Homes on November 19th. We’ve been enjoying the ‘time off’ and he’s getting some much needed R&R. His job was very stressful and taking a toll on his health.

He attended a hiring conference in San Diego at the beginning of December. He may have a shot at a couple of those jobs. He also did a phone interview for an elevator company, and they flew him up to San Fransisco for a 2nd/final interview. That went well and the guys he interviewed with said they would recommend him for a position. We were supposed to hear, “The week of the 29th/before New Year’s” but haven’t heard anything yet and probably won’t until next week now. But it does seem promising, his background is really good as far as his experience being ideal for the job. I think he is very optimistic about getting it.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, honestly. I know that most likely we’ll have to move away from my friends and church. But I just don’t want to! So I’m kinda dragging my feet about being excited at all. Also, this job will most likely take us to Seattle, which I didn’t realize before, but it’s a pretty liberal area. And it gets lots of rain. We’ve been having lots of rain here for a couple weeks and it makes us all go crazy inside the trailer. I can’t imagine 260+ days a year of rain! So I’m hoping if we do end up there, we’ll be able to rent a house, at least.

Also, there is a lot of training for this job, and I’m not sure if we’d have to be separated for it. There’s 2-4 weeks on-the-job training, then 7 weeks in Illinois, and 2 or 4 weeks in Texas. If we could tag along with him it wouldn’t be so bad, but if I have to be on my own somewhere new starting over without M and with a newborn, that is going to be hard! On top of all that, we’re not even sure exactly when this job starts. If it’s before the baby comes, that will be tricky, too! So, you can see that I’ve been kind of stressed and having to try very hard to just trust the Lord and not worry about it.

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant. At 35 weeks I had an evening/morning of lots of braxton hicks contractions. Last night I was also having lots of contractions. I was even starting to wonder if it would lead to real labor, but nothing’s happened much since 4am. I have a feeling I’m not going to make it all the way to the 15th this time, though.

To help pass the time and keep my mind off of potentially stressful things, I decided to make THIS last night.

I feel like I’m in a state of limbo here, it’s really wearing on me! I want to hear job news and waiting to go into labor! I can’t wait to meet my newest little boy!!


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My Poor Baby’s Head!

Here are a few pictures I took for posterity’s sake tonight of C’s head. I figure he might like to see how cute he was his stitches when he gets older.

Tomorrow we have an appt at the Dr’s office for them to take the stitches out. At least, hopefully they’ll be ready to take out. If not, I guess we’ll have to go back again another day. Don’t want to leave them in too long, they might start growing into the skin. *shudder*

Isn’t he cute?? Makes me feel even worse that such a cute, smiley baby got such a nasty injury!



In other news… M and I got to go on a date on Friday night! We were going to go bowling, but there was a wait for a lane so we went to a sushi place instead, and Baskin Robbins for dessert.  Shhhhhh! M doesn’t know yet but I’m going to surprise him with another date on Wednesday! My pastor’s wife was finally available to babysit this week, so we get two dates very close together. I won’t complain! I’ll take them whenever I can get them! Last date we went on was 4 months ago, and M had expressed back then that he wanted to do it on a regular basis. Now the only thing is figuring out what we’re going to do! I’m afraid we’re not that brilliant when it comes to plans. We usually end up doing dinner/dessert & walking around. We both feel it’s a waste of time (not to mention $) to go to a movie, since we can do that at home. He was expressing some concern over spending money right now since he’s not employed (a blog post for another time… I don’t feel like writing about it yet.) So I’m trying to figure out how to make this date fairly economical. My tenative plans are that maybe we could go to a sports bar type place (maybe play a game of pool?) for a drink, then to Olive Garden for their all-you-can-eat soup, salad & breadsticks (it’s pretty cheap, I think 6.99) then to another place for dessert and/or coffee. We’ll see what actually ends up happening! There’s also a mexican place we went to once when it first opened (it was pretty decent) that has coupons in the paper for a fajita dinner for two for $12–.  Mostly I just want to see his face when I surprise him with another date night!

I’m at that rather uncomfortable stage of pregnancy where nowhere I sit is comfortable. Forget the couch! (It’s not that comfortable for non-pregnant people!) So mostly I sit at the table. But it’s not all that comfortable, either. And I feel like I have to sit up very straight or my lower ribs poke into my belly. I just realized something exciting though… today being December 1st, I can officially say “NEXT MONTH” about the baby!! I think I’m going to go sit on my bed with lots of pillows and watch a movie on my laptop. I’ve got a Blockbuster online movie sitting around here, but I can’t remember what it’s called. I think it’s a WWII movie.


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Our Thanksgiving Day

Well, our afternoon was great, we made it up the hill to the family’s rural home where we were invited the third year in a row. It’s about a 45 minute drive or so.

In previous years there were several families from our church there, but this year there were only us, one other family and a single lady (my friend T) from our church. The rest were the host’s extended family.

As far as I can remember, dinner consisted of

Mashed Potatoes
Carmelized Onion Gravy (THE best gravy!)
Green Bean Casserole (Which was quite unique and VERY good)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Spinach Salad
Fruit Salad? (I didn’t have any)

There were also an abundance of pies of all varieties, and some banana-nut bread. The meal, as usual, was excellent!

Mid-afternoon most people started heading out, and eventually all the family members had left. (Along with the other church family.) In the other years, the family members had usually left fairly early and the church folks had stayed later. But this year it seemed pretty deserted since there weren’t too many of us church folks. The hostess, Mrs. W was teaching me how to knit, and our children were playing in the converted enclosed porch room where M was supervising from the couch in there. (It was about 5pm).

Suddenly C fell, and when I looked over I saw him laying right next to a brick step/threshold between the two rooms (you have to step down to get to the porch). I thought, “Oh-oh, I think he’s hurt.” (As in, seriously.) As I approached, M had stood him up and there was blood pouring from his forehead. I turned around and went to get a few paper towels. When I got back and pressed the paper towels to the wound it was evident we were going to go to the ER. It was a nasty *deep* gash in his forehead that still makes me shudder to think of it. I tried to stop the bleeding in a way that would keep it closed and comfort his screaming at the same time.

The hostess was quick-thinking and I soon had a damp washcloth and a bag of ice to put on it, as well as a dose of children’s Motrin to give to him. There was quite a bit of blood, but it stopped bleeding fairly soon. He continued to cry and scream but when I took the ice off to give him the Motrin he stopped, so I think after a few minutes he was mostly screaming from the ice.

All the while I’m thinking of: the 45 minute drive to the ER, the 45 minute drive to the ER with a screaming baby with a gashed-open forehead, and the wait in the waiting room with three children, one of which is screaming and has a gashed-open forehead.

Thankfully, the medicine seemed to calm him and he stopped crying. I suggested that instead of having to bring all the children to the ER, M could take the other two home and my friend T could take me and C to the ER.

Once at the ER, we had a short wait before the triage nurse took us and got info and checked vitals on C. She leaned his head back and squirted some numbing gel into the wound, and soaked a cotton ball in it and put that on, holding it in place with a bandaid. He cried some, she said it stings for just a minute when you first put it on. Then back to the waiting room for the numbing stuff to work (20 minutes).

In about 1/2 hour they brought us back and sat us on a bed in the hallway. A bit more waiting, someone came to see how the numbing stuff was working (it turns the edges white) and left for awhile longer. Finally the Dr came with a big hefty guy to hold C down during the procedure. They raised the bed up to chest-level, and the guy pinned his upper body and head. I was standing behind him so I couldn’t see C. I held his hand and rested my other hand on his legs, but he didn’t try to kick at all. He was crying during the whole procedure, but I could tell it was a scared cry and not because it hurt. (Thankfully!)

Five stitches later and a little comforting from mommy, and he was much better, although subdued. A little paperwork, and we were sent on our way. On the way home it occurred to me that we did not have any children’s pain reliever and I would hate for C to be in pain in the middle of the night when the Motrin wore off. Unfortunately, being about 8pm on Thanksgiving day, the four places we checked were not open. After giving up, we spied a Circle K (convince store) that was open so I was able to go get a tiny bottle of overpriced children’s Tylenol. (At 2am when he woke up in pain I was very glad to have it!)

M and I keep looking at C and going, “Awww, poor guy!” It just breaks my heart that he went through that. It looked so awful! He’s only slightly bumped it a couple times and whimpered. I’m extra protective of him today and watchful that he doesn’t get it bonked. I feel like I wish I could put a helmet on him, or better yet — enclose him entirely in a bubble! It hurts me so much to see him hurt.

In our 5 1/2 years of parenting, this is the first ER visit (or even Dr visit besides well-child), so I’m thankful for that. I did feel rather bad to leave so abruptly after such a traumatic event, without having time to finish our visit or help with the remaining cleanup.

As bad as it was, it really could have been much worse. I thank God that it wasn’t.

Because of the location of the stitches, they couldn’t use the dissolving kind, so we’ll have to take him to the Dr’s office sometime within the next 10 days to get the stitches removed.


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Our Week in Pictures

Here’s some of the things we’ve been up to this week.

First making special pretzel-chocolate treats:



Pretzel squares, caramel-filled chocolate candies…


Realized the candies were way too big so I cut them in half.


Good work, children!


Then into the oven for a few minutes for the chocolate to soften.


Top with half a pecan (or another pretzel for those who don’t like nuts).
Enjoy! Yummy! I just love the sweet-salty pretzel-chocolate combo!

The children also did a pinecone critter project this week.

This one is E’s.



This one is MJ’s. His is a dinosaur.



Here’s my dopplar for listening to the baby’s heartbeat…


This is my most recent project: another babydoll
blanket for E’s babies. I wanted to make this one a
bit bigger than the last one. The holes in the stitching
are perfect to be able to tuck the “tail” of the blanket
into after I swaddle her baby so that it stays put,
all snug & warm!


MJ’s & E’s coloring pages.

mjcolor ecolor1

I need to go make breakfast now!


EDITED: I just wanted to apologize. After carefully constructing this blog post, it lost all it’s formatting when I posted it and all the pictures and writing got all jumbled up. Grrr. I really don’t like the process of putting pics up on this blog.

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Saturday Afternoon Rest

C is down napping, and M is watching “Failure to Launch”. We just got back a little while ago from the park. I dropped of M and the children while I went to the library to pick up a book that had come in from interlibrary loan.

I also stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities, and grabbed Subway on the way back to the park. We sat and ate it and then came home. They were kind of hot because there’s not much shade there.

I’m about to make these with the children. Oh, and we did go gather pecans with M the other evening. It was cute. The children enjoyed collecting them up. Argh! I just realized I should have picked up a nutcracker today when I was at Wal-Mart. Oh well.

Well, C just woke up from a very short nap and doesn’t look like he’s being convinced to go back to sleep. So I’d better go.


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