Hot & Shopping

Well, yesterday the a/c decided to stop working! Grr! It was way too hot to stay around here sweating all day so we decided to go to the zoo after all. (C did fine, btw!) It was pretty hot for the zoo, too, but at least we were entertained. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, so there’s no pictures. But everyone had a good time. We saw a condor with average wingspan of 10ft! A large golden eagle. Various snakes. Giraffes, elephants, flamingos, zebras, tortoises, wallabys, otters, and many other things. The children got to pet & brush some goats. For the first time, everyone went in without anyone being terrified! Wow! I think we’ve hit a milestone! C really loved petting the goats. He was so excited about it and cute!

Then we went to their ‘splash playground’ to cool off. They all had a blast there and it was a really cool playground. If we lived around here –well, I mean if we were staying– I would SO be getting a zoo membership! I think Denver has a zoo. Hopefully it’s decent. I did have to pay $7 for one child’s ticket to get in because you only got two free tickets with the club card. Last time we all got in free because my nanny was with us.

The nanny, by the way, has decided to start a new job on Monday because the woman has to start work and would have to get someone else if my nanny couldn’t do it. I won’t lie, it’s kind of disappointing when I was counting on that last week, but I don’t want her to pass up a good opportunity just to work for me for one extra week! I haven’t told the children yet, though. Maybe she will be willing to come say goodbye to them. I’m sure they’ll be disappointed. When I told them she was sick yesterday E piped up with a look of pity, “Oh dear, poor Miss C!” I thought it was so cute and sweet.

Next week I’m going to have to get an appointment to get the oil changed in our Excursion. Have to get that done before the move.

After coming back on for no good reason yesterday at some point, our a/c again decided to stop working today. We were without it most of the day and when we tried again in the evening it came back on. I’m still not sure what to make of it. Hopefully I can find a mobile repairman who is covered under our warranty to come check it out.

Tonight I had some coupons that expire today so I went out shopping for awhile. I took my two little boys with me. First stop was CVS. I had a couple of coupons ($4 total) that could be used on my total that were expiring so I had to use them. I found a 100 ct package of those small sized paper plates (great for the kids) on clearance for .75. Then there was a deal for Power Bars where if you buy 10 you get $5 back, making them .50 each. Also sunscreen, buy two, get $10 back. However, when I got up to the register neither of my coupons were printing out. (They give you the money back in the form of a coupon to spend on your next purchase.) So after about 15 minutes they finally gave me a CVS giftcard with my $15 on it. Oh well.

Then on to Target. There were some large packs of stuff on clearance. I got a twin-pack box of cereal for $4.66 that had a peelie on the front for a free 1/2 gallon of Silk soy milk, which M likes. I also used some expiring coupons to get four Starbucks frappachinos (bottled) for .74 each. The Target I was at didn’t have one, but I put a hold on one near church that I will pick up tomorrow… a CD player/boombox on clearance for $5.89 marked down from $30! It has Spongebob on it, but I’ll sew a cover for it! 😉 I’ve been wanting one so I can play music in the bedroom without having to use my laptop’s CD drive.



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    Kimber said,

    It is good to see you writing in here again! Even though we chat frequently, I do enjoy coming to see what you have on your blog. Sometimes you have FOOD on here. Sometimes pics of cute kids. It is always a treat, though 😀


  2. 2

    Sabrina Thorn said,

    Fun to hear about your days again. Love you and miss you.

  3. 3

    Kimber said,

    Here I am! I told you I would be in here!

    Hey, I thought you posted an update!?!

  4. 4

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