Constant Craziness

Okay, maybe I should just rename my blog “Constant Craziness”. I never feel like I have a good time to sit down and blog, but I’ve just decided to make the time, because I’m itching to be writing again. Unfortunately, I think my low readership numbers are making me unmotivated. There’s benefits to having a small, personal blog where everyone who reads are your friends and family. But I see blogs on the internet that everyone loves to read and I wish mine were more like that. I don’t know what I’m doing “wrong”.

Anyways, here we are in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been here since April 15th. We’ll be leaving for Denver next weekend.

This stop has been for M to install an elevator with his new company, so he understands the process. His days have been pretty good, except for the physical labor and heat. He gets up at 5am (and I’ve been getting up to make breakfast for him — go me!!) and works from 6:00am-2:30pm. He’s usually home by 3 or 3:30. So that’s nice. But he has to go to bed pretty early to get up so early.

So we’re not quite sure what his new job will be like, yet. We think he’ll probably have pretty long hours in Denver. We’ll see. He’s going to be an Installation Supervisor for an elevator building company. He’ll travel throughout the state during the day to oversee things going on at different job sites.

I’m starting to get excited about Denver now. We’ve known we were going there since early January, so it’s been six months coming! Now it’s finally almost here. I’m sure I’ll like it. We’re still going back and forth on whether we’ll be able to rent a house there or if we should stay in the trailer. Of course I desperately want a house but I also want what’s best for us in the overall picture and it might be better to stay in the trailer a bit longer. I’ve been looking on craigslist for rental houses and it seems as if there may be some good options. I’ll be able to tell better once we get there. We’re not going to rule anything out until we get there and are able to explore our options.

We have hired a nanny/mother’s helper while we’ve been here. It’s been really great. She comes Mon & Wednesdays 9am-8pm and Fridays 9am-5pm. Mondays and Wednesdays M and I (and J) go out on a date from 5-8pm. It’s been really nice and especially great since M and I were apart for so long. At the time it was a temporary thing while we were here, but M told me he is looking into the possibility of continuing while we’re in Denver. Possibly even more full-time. We’ll see what happens and how that all pans out. It’s totally a matter of priorities. We *can* afford it, but only if we place more of a priority on that than on doing other things, so we have to figure out what we’d rather have more.

Yesterday while she was here I was able to get my sewing maching out and I made two pairs of soft baby shoes (and finished up a pair I had started long ago and was almost done.) It was really fun. The pattern I used is for personal use only, but I’m looking to see if I can find one that is able to be sold. Or I might just get brave enough to make my own. It’s rather simple. My wheels are turning and I’m thinking of things I can use, such as felted wool from sweaters or leather recycled from vests, pants, etc from thrift stores, etc. I’ll post pics of the ones I made soon. They’re very quick to whip up and so fun to make and I love that it only takes a small amount of fabric so you can get cool stuff from the markdown scraps table.

Tomorrow we’re going to the Phoenix Zoo. They’re having a special where if you show the club card from a local grocery store you can get 2 free admissions. The nanny will be going with us, too. They had the same thing last Friday but M had to take our vehicle to work that day because his work truck was running poorly. When he got home in the afternoon we hurriedly went and *ran* through the zoo in about 45 minutes. It seems cool and better than I expected. There’s also a neat “splash playground” that we’re planning on using, too. We’re going to pack a lunch and make a day of it. I’m actually really looking forward to it. I just want a leisurely day to spend enjoying my family. I seem to feel so rushed all the time, every time we go out it seems like we have errands to run in a certain time frame and we can’t just relax and do ‘fun’ stuff. I’ll have pics to post after tomorrow.

Okay, that seems like a pretty decent intro back into blogdom.


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