My worthless trip to the dr

The past couple days MJ & C have started to have a cough again. This morning MJ stayed in bed all morning and wasn’t feeling well. I decided to take them in to the dr so they could hopefully get some antibiotics and get over this. When the Dr. finally came in to see us though he quickly declared it a “virus” and told me to have them take vit C and bring them in in a week if they weren’t over it. Then he was out the door before I had a chance to react or complain. So that ended up being a waste of both time & money! Sheesh.

The nurse gave MJ some tylenol because he had a fever & wasn’t feeling well. I figured that should kick in and he would start feeling better and we could run to the grocery store on the way home. First we went to the healthfood store to pick up some supplements. I got some chewable zinc tablets, chewable eccinacia tablets, and some hylands kids flu care tablets. I also got a bottle of C, zinc & eccinacia for myself. And a couple bottles of kefir, since I’m taking antibiotics and need that good bacteria.

After we grabbed that stuff they were saying they were hungry, so rather than fast food I decided we should get some healthy chicken vegetable soup from their deli counter. We ate that at the little eating area. Then when we got out to the car I changed J & C’s diapers. Just as I got them all into the vehicle, MJ threw up his lunch all over himself. After getting him all cleaned up I promised him we’d go straight home and skip the grocery shopping. Maybe someday I’ll actually make it to the store!

J seemed to be having a growth spurt when we got home. He wanted to nurse nearly constantly for the better part of 3 hours. I started getting sleepy so eventually I laid in bed with him and I got to doze a bit. But that kind of put a damper on the housecleaning I had planned. I was able to wash the dishes & take the garbage out.

MJ seemed to start feeling better by this evening, but went to bed early voluntarily. C  has already been awake a few times since I put him to bed. I gave him some motrin so hopefully he’ll be okay enough to sleep better. J is awake now and wanting something from me so I should go.



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    Sabrina Thorn said,

    I know exactly what you mean. I took my mom to urgent care a couple of Sundays ago, waited forever and they said she had a stroke. He may have been in the room with her 2 min. No time to talk about symptoms nothing. I then took her to her reg. Dr on Monday to find she only needed to lower her blood pressure meds. Which I have been telling them for a year. Sometimes I wonder if we really need Dr.

  2. 2

    Wow, your days sounds like those I remember. Hope every gets to feeling better soon and you get to go to the store. :o)


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