This week…

Yesterday I finally went to the doctor. I got sick the day after J was born, that was three weeks ago! The first several days were very rough, and then I started to get better. But after that I seemed to ‘plateau’ and not get any worse or better. Then on Monday & Tuesday I started to get worse again. I looked up ‘walk-in clinic’ on Google and found one. When we got there the receptionist said all the doctors were booked but I could see a nurse and she would determine whether I needed to see a doctor. I figured what I had could probably be diagnosed by a nurse, so I signed in. The waiting room was full of people, tiny, and stuffy. I felt like I was breathing in everyone’s sick germs, icky! It wasn’t very well-ventilated.

In addition to trying to keep the four kiddos quiet and still, I had insane forms to fill out! Chalk it up to out-of-whack hormones, if you will, but I really began to find the questions highly offensive and humiliating. Such as, “Are you homeless”, “How many s*xual partners do you have?” “Have you ever smoked crack?” “Do you try to avoid greasy foods in your diet?” I hated being there and being treated as a sub-human. Like someone who had no clue how to take care of their own body. I felt like the clinic was just trying to cover their backside and make sure you were going to pay them. Speaking of which, I was steamed that I was supposed to be paying them for a service and they think they can get away with treating me like that! While I’m going through these forms, a kid came in with some hotwheels and C started screeching and wanting them and I couldn’t get him to be quiet. So after a fruitless hour I finally left. I got everyone in the car and called M up and totally lost it.

After getting myself together, I went to a different clinic and it the difference was like night and day! I was diagnosed with Sinusitis and given a prescription for amoxicillin, flonaise, & sudafed. I so rarely go to the dr, and when I do take meds it’s usually just one, so taking three different things seems weird to me. I just hope it wipes it out! I don’t want to be sick any longer. The dr did say I’m not contagious anymore, so that’s good to know!

I had a headache all day and by the time we were in Walmart getting the prescription I started feeling pretty bad. I just wanted to get home and rest. As the night wore on, I got worse and worse. Eventually I ended up with a migraine. Thankfully, it was mostly after the kids were in bed and I was able to sleep pretty well. C even slept until 4:30am (instead of his usual 1:30 waking time) and they all slept in a bit this morning. I still had a lingering headache this morning that lasted until mid-morning.

This afternoon we headed out to mail a care package to M and grab some milk from the dairy. I also picked up a nearly new boppy swing from Craigslist for $15. J is sleeping in it right now, it seems very cozy. A friend has said I can come over and do my laundry either tomorrow or Saturday. I’m not sure which yet. My laundry is starting to pile up! This will work much better than trying to do a laundromat with four kiddos! Right as I was heading out the door I realized that none of our electrical outlets were working! I looked at the circuit breaker, tried flipping the gfci’s and nothing worked. I called M and told him about it. He said I would have to hire someone to come out and fix it since I had already done everything he suggested and couldn’t really troubleshoot it over the phone. When I arrived home, happily it was working again. However, I’m not liking that it happened in the first place! We have overhead lights that stopped working a couple months ago, then after several days they suddenly came on again. The lights again stopped working while we were staying at the hotel last month. Mr. T looked at them when he came out the other day but couldn’t get them working. Yesterday when I got home they were on! So I don’t like all these things that inexplicably stop working and then start again for no reason!!

On Monday the T’s came to take care of me! They took the vehicle in to get the oil changed, and bought some of that bubble wrap encased in aluminum foil that comes in a big roll. He cut it out and fitted it to the windows so I can put it in at night and keep the heat in and moisture out. It also has the side effect of darkening the windows, which comes in handy for naps and keeps the kiddos asleep longer in the mornings! They also brought Taco Bell for lunch and tried to fix the light problem. I feel so blessed to have the T’s concern and care.

The S’s came by later that afternoon and brought dinner. They visited for a bit and got to hold J. They brought balloons for the children, which of course were a big hit. While they were here there was a knock on the door and J the owner of the trailer park brought a little outfit for the baby and a stand-up sign that says “Slow, children at play” for the children to use when they’re riding bikes in the street. (I always stay out and supervise them.) They have been asking to ride their bikes today but it didn’t work out and I promised they could very soon. We’ve had their bikes packed up since we were at the hotel.

I’m gonna run along now!


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    Dear, you have been one busy Momma :o) I am so glad you’re feeling better and wanted you to know that you are missed, prayed for and thought of often over at T2CHK.
    I pray for you and think of you too, and hope you know that I am here if you need some good comic relief, or just someone to chat with. :o) Give me a call anytime or write.


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