Laundry today

I’m doing two loads of laundry today at the laundry room here in the park. Last few times I’ve done laundry I took four or five loads down to the laundromat where I could get it all done at once. They have gigantic dryers.

Stopped to chat with the park owner for a few minutes on the way back from switching loads and she mentioned today would be a good day for gathering pecans. There’s a couple trees up by the road. I had seen people gathering something on Sunday mornings as I was leaving for church but never knew what. She said we should go today, though, because they would be gone by tomorrow. So I’m planning on going up after my laundry is done, which will be after I post this.

We don’t have a nut cracker, though, so I guess I’ll have to get one. I just bought a small amount of pecans for a recipe, because they’re so expensive! They were like $6- /lb I think!

The children found a few pinecones on the way to the laundry room, so we brought them home and made little critters out of them. Maybe I’ll post pictures. I’m hoping to do school today but C is being kind of fussy and not very cooperative, so I guess I’ll wait until naptime and see if I still have the energy.

Remember the soup from Wednesday? I’m going to be adding to it today to make it into taco/tortilla soup. I’m planning on adding:
small ground beef meatballs
tortilla squares, fried in a frying pan first
can of enchilada sauce and/or tomato sauce
Top with
green onions
sour cream

I need to get that going after my laundry is done so it can simmer in the crockpot until dinner time. Last night the soup was too hot to eat for a long time after dishing it up, though, so I’ll have to try and remember to turn it off awhile before dinner.

I was pleased with how my shopping trip went! I had my budget and stopped at a few different stores. At WinCo, my last stop, I had $65 budgeted to spend. I got to the register and had estimated really well, the total was $67! I was quite happy.

I also bought my first jar of coconut oil! Real coconut oil, that is! I’ve had a friend pick up LouAna brand coconut oil from Super WalMart several times. And I love that stuff. It’s the only oil I keep in the house now. But it doesn’t taste like coconut, and while I’m sure it’s healthier than most other oils, since it’s a cheap brand I figured it probably doesn’t have all that good stuff it’s supposed to have. I had taken to craving it! I would eat some from a spoon in the mornings when it was still hard and solidified. It’s so good. But a little bland. Now that I have the “good” stuff, it tastes like coconut. And its very yummy! I’ve been stirring it into my yogurt cups where it clumps up into little hard balls of yumminess! I’m in love.

Okay, I don’t want to tie up the dryer for other people that may need it, so I’d better finish this up and go get it! Clean clothes, yay!

Have a great weekend! Sunday is the Reformation Service and in the evening we’ll have two other congregations join us. Should be fun!


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    MaDiDi said,

    Plain whole yogurt, mixed nuts and dried cranberries, drizzled with real maple syrup and virgin coconut oil. HEAVEN! You made me hungry again. (Would you STOP that!?)

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