Thanks for the feedback!

Okay, I changed my blog theme yet again. Too bad that pic didn’t work.

I think I’m about to go take a nap. I haven’t slept well the past couple of nights. C is napping and E has been in bed all day because she’s not feeling well. She was sleeping but I think she’s awake again.

I’m 24 weeks now (as of Thursday). I haven’t been keeping very close track… I had to go look it up!

I made another small slideshow of pictures… got some great ones of C this time! (There’s captions, click on the pics.)

I guess weekend plans (not made yet) will have to be on hold until we know if E will be feeling better.

M has had a very busy, stressful week at work. I hope the weekend is extra restful for him!

Nothing much else to report… except HAPPY AUTUMN!!! Now if only the weather would get the memo!



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  1. 1

    Jenny McGee said,

    Yes, I’m 23 weeks and due January 23! Are you going to the Dr at all/had an ultrasound?

  2. 2


    I’m not seeing the dr anymore because I prefer to do the pregnancy/birth on my own.

    See this post for more info on my ultrasound! (Which I got because I had chicken pox during early pregnancy.)

  3. 3

    Angela said,

    Amy, can you send me your email? I’ve lost it somewhere, though I’ve been keeping up with you via your blog.


  4. 4

    Kimber Dixon said,

    Wow, Amy! The time is just really flying by!

    I hope the weekend has been restful for all of you and that Little E is much better by now and that the others don’t get down as well.

    This has been a rough summer for us with summer colds that won’t go away, so I understand how frustrating it is when the kids are ill. Ethan has been sick really for more than a month, fine one day, sick the next. And several of us have lingering coughs which most have had for over 4 weeks! It has been 8 weeks in my case. Ugh!

    It has been really warm here too. We are still using our pool, it has been so warm! The weather guys are saying next week will bring a big temperature drop for us. Hopefully YOU will get some relief as well!

    HUG HUG!

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