Normal Day-to-Day…

Well, nothing much has been happening so I haven’t blogged. Sorry folks!

We went to the beach on Sunday after church. It was beautiful! And far less crowded than the normal Saturday summertime crowd. The surf was very mild and you could go pretty far out in very shallow water. It also came rolling in pretty gently so you could walk in 2″ of water and it was clear and you could see the sand underneath. Also, the sand had very pretty “gold” glitters in it.

E & C and I went for a little stroll and came across a young man who had caught two little hermit? crabs and we got to look at and touch them. E put some shells she had collected in front of them and encouraged them in a sweet voice to “eat their food”. I had to tell her they don’t eat shells.

Anyways, it was a very enjoyable day. Afterwards we rinsed off very well in the sprayer thing and I was able to put them back in their church clothes. That was nice because normally as soon as we get home I have to bathe three tired, hungry children and take a shower myself before making dinner. We stopped at a place called Ruby’s on the way home for dinner. It’s a 50’s theme diner with lots of cool collectable model cars for decor, including a couple that run around a track on the ceiling.

Yesterday I took the Excursion in for an oil change. We opted to wait, they have a little children’s waiting room with a tv and a little wooden box thing with wires and colored beads & stuff on the top and each side. We got there at 9am. M thought that it might need brakes, so they checked that out, and said the front brakes looked like new, but the back brakes needed to be replaced. After conferring with M by phone he wanted me to go ahead and have it done. So we continued to wait, and after awhile we got a shuttle ride to McDonalds for lunch. It’s kind of stupid, the McD’s is only about 3 blocks away, but there’s a no pedestrian bridge between them and so we couldn’t walk.

They shuttled us down there and we got lunch and I let the children play for awhile. It’s an outdoor play place, but there was shaded seating and a breeze so it wasn’t too hot. After that we went to the thrift store a couple blocks from there. (I had been planning to go after we got the vehicle finished when I originally thought it would only take a couple hours.)

On Sunday while he was getting ready for church, MJ’s velcro shoe strap broke. He only had one pair of sneakers, so I hoped to find a new pair for him. Usually this thrift store doesn’t have a good children’s shoe selection, so I was really hoping. First all I found was a lace-up pair of hiking type boots. But later as I was walking past another section I found some kids shoes mixed in with some other shoes and found a pair of zip-up sneakers in his size. (Which is good, since the lace-up ones he wouldn’t have been able to put on by himself.)

I desperately need shirts that fit me, but all I was able to find was one light knit longsleeve shirt. Hopefully it will be cool enough to wear soon!

When I got up to the counter the lady said, “I’m going to give you half off today!” I said, “Thanks, that’s great!” I wasn’t sure exactly whether it was just half-off day or if she was doing it especially for me. But she said she had 8 children and knew what it was like, so that’s why she was being nice to me. I get many more comments nowadays when I’m out with my three + one but not usually such nice ones.

After that we got shuttled back to the dealership to wait awhile longer. I got lots of crochet time in. I made E a small baby doll blanket. She was very appreciative and without prodding said, “Thank you very much!” and kept thanking me for it. It was very ‘weet of her.

We had been told earlier in the day that they found a fuel leak, but the diagnostician hadn’t had time to actually pinpoint it yet. So by the time he was able to go and look at it in depth he figured out what part they need to fix it but it was too late in the day to order it. It was also deemed “unsafe” to drive as-is, so they gave me a rental minivan for a couple days. I think it’s supposed to be finished on Thursday. Driving the minivan is weird. It’s a Kia of some kind. I’ve only driven the Dodge Ram pickup truck and the Excursion since learning to drive. It’s so quiet and smooth and small! So I finally left about 5:30! Whew! All day there! The children were very well behaved, though!

Today I went to my Tuesday Friend’s house. We had homemade chicken noodle soup and spinach salad with cucumber slices, cherry (or were they grape?) tomatoes, craisins and walnuts. It was SUCH a good lunch I had to force myself to stop eating or I could have sat there for hours! The children got to run around crazy on her property. It was pretty hot, though!

Now I must go “be” with M while he watches Fox News. All this economy news is kind of scary!


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    Lyndsay said,

    Holy Cow you are an amazing women Amy. I can’t imagine spending all day at a car dealership or even just out all day with my three kids (only one of which is really young.) You must be super mom. Any chance I could send my kids to your house for a while and have you train them? ;0)

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