Lovely Weekend

Well, with M being off Monday and all… the weekend seemed to come around pretty quickly!

On Saturday we went to the beach. It was a little cool, and the tide coming in was very strong. The waves really pummelled you where the children normally play. They were out a little bit, but mostly played in the sand. We dug a large hole and MJ worked on a wall in front of it that he was very proud of.

I didn’t have much food in the house so when I went to the store for milk I picked up some snacks to take with us; fig bars, tortilla chips & bean dip. (Which basically tasted like canned refried beans with a little bit of seasoning mixed in.)

When we got home, after a marathon bathing session & a quick shower for myself, I made a “pantry meal” concoction. Why is it that the meals with odd ingredients that I dredge up from the farthest recesses of my pantry always seem to taste good? Or maybe I just have weird tastes since I’m pregnant. Anyways, it was rice mixed with a can of pinto beans, spices, a little salsa, and sauteed red onions & bell peppers. In flour tortillas with lettuce & sour cream.

Sunday was Fellowship Meal at church. Unfortunately, since our fridge was bare & I didn’t have time to shop or prepare anything, I came empty-handed. It was awesome, as always! There was also a gorgeous cake that Mrs. B made for a family that just adopted two children. Another very gifted lady usually makes the cakes and I had no idea that Mrs. B was so talented in that department!

After church I went to pick up a Freecycle item: a Spiderman backpack for MJ. He didn’t know where we were going until I got it. He was thrilled and has been wearing it nearly nonstop. He always begs me for one when he sees them in the store.

Then it was off to WinCo for a major shopping trip. I really don’t know what to do reguarding groceries. We hadn’t been shopping at WinCo for quite awhile, but shopping at Albertsons down the street really breaks the bank. WinCo is sooooo much cheaper! However, I’ll either have to take a separate trip into town specifically to shop, or do it after church, which isn’t the best time to do it. (The store is busy & crowded, the children are tired & usually hungry, and I am physically exhausted by the time I get home.) I had been enjoying shopping alone or with only C in tow.

I got a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables (at about 1/3 the price as the stores here!), several meats, snacks, and a large pack of toilet paper all for $127.01.

I got home and put away the cold stuff then promptly collapsed on the bed. I drug myself up about 10 minutes later. M was going to take all three kiddos for a bike ride, but E didn’t want to go, so she stayed and was my little helper. The trailer was kind of trashed from the weekend, so we swept through it and tidied up. Then I set to work prepping my veggies so they would fit in the fridge.

I chopped a head of celery, four green & two red bell peppers, three bunches of green onions, three brocolli crowns and shredded a head of iceburg lettuce. In addition to actually getting it to fit, it’s handy for meal preps! I may cook the meat today. I have two packages of ground beef, on package of beef chunks and a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts & pieces.

I have to go to Walmart for diapers later today and I may pick up a few pantry staples there as well, like enchilada sauce, beans, etc. The children were “done” before I was quite finished shopping yesterday.

At the checkout they had a bin with hotwheel cars in it. I let MJ and E each pick one, then realized that C wanted one, too. It’s kind of funny… he’s growing up! He wants to be included in stuff now, too. When we go to the park/playplace, he’s not content to just sit in his stroller anymore, he wants to get out and play, too!



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