It’s a Small World

I didn’t realize SO much time had gone past since my last post! I tried to make a new entry the other day but my internet was having problems.

Nothing much has been happening to blog about. But I thought I would tell you an interesting story that happened a couple months ago that I forgot to blog about.

We were going to the beach. The parking lot is probably a 5 minute walk to the beach. We parked and as we were getting our stuff out, a shuttle bus pulls up and asks if we need a lift. Well, with three children & beach stuff to cart down to the beach, yeah, a ride sounds pretty nice!

As we were being shuttled, the driver was very amicable and chatty. He started talking about what he used to do. He was an Air Force recruiter in Pennsylvania. He mentioned the name of a small town, and M perked up… “no way!” Turns out this guy recruited at M’s school back when M was going there. He even remembered him so far as to recall that his name started with an “M”! (What a memory!) He started talking about living in another small PA town, and M had lived there! M described where his house was (next to a car dealership) and the guy knew exactly where it was!

It was quite an interesting ride down to the beach! Who woulda thought those two would be thrown together years later on a beach shuttle bus in California?

Now CSI is coming on so I’m going to go snuggle with hubby!
Three day weekend!!

PS Oh, I had to add…. I’m 20 weeks today!! Already halfway!!!


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