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THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for me and the baby ever since my bout with chicken pox! The baby seems FINE, Praise the Lord!!!!

The ultrasound was quite thorough. The tech took quite awhile, doing measurements, making the screen light up with red & blue colors occasionally, looking at the spine, looking at the heart in slow motion, etc. I was holding my breath a bit through some of it. At one point the baby was facing outwards and opened “it’s” mouth and stuck “it’s” tongue out a few times! It was so cool!

Afterwards a Dr came in and spoke to me for a few minutes, telling me, “The good news is… –I don’t usually get to tell people good news– …” basically they said that the baby has a .4 percent chance of something being wrong with it. That means that there is a 99.6% chance that it’s perfectly normal. He said if he had those odds, he would sell everything he owned, his glasses, his watch, without a nickle in his pocket and bet it all in Vegas. Then he told me that he was going to have the genetic counselor talk to me “telling me the same thing, in more technical terms”. He said she would tell me I could get an amniocentisis, but that would be to check for the presence of the virus, and having been 12 weeks ago that I had the virus, it would be unlikely to show up still in the fluid, thus accomplishing nothing.

So I had to fill out a bit more paperwork, wait for a few more minutes, and then the genetic counselor took me in her office. She basically started to tell me the same thing the dr did. I told her I wasn’t interested in an amnio. After a few minutes she told me I should come back in 6 weeks, when the baby would be even bigger and they’d be able to see even better whether anything was wrong. (They should have just had me come in 6 weeks later in the first place!) I told her I wasn’t going to do that. She asked why. I was honest and said it was just too expensive, our insurance has a high deductible so we have to pay everything “cheaper” than the deductible out of pocket. Plus, I was convinced enough by this ultrasound that everything looked good and didn’t feel a second one was necessary. So, somehow it came out that just by sitting in her office and her telling me the same thing the dr did, (“genetic counseling”) was going to cost me $190!!! So she was kind and said that she wouldn’t write up the report, (thus causing me to be charged for her services) and I signed a thing saying I “declined genetic counseling”. But she was nice, and wanted me to know what was going on anyways, so she basically did tell me everything without charging me. She kept asking if I had any questions or concerns, etc. So that was nice, and she was trying to be nice, but basically I felt like I had all the information I needed, baby was fine, and I could proceed as normal. I was probably in her office for 1/2 hr and I just wanted to be done, lol. My appt was at 2:00 and I didn’t leave until about 3:50! My babysitter had had a rough week helping her mom move last week and had worked her job (4am-12:45pm?) beforehand. So I wanted to be quick for her sake.

So, anyways, I was thankful that the “genetic counseling” didn’t cost me. The u/s was already expensive enough I didn’t DIDN’T need another nearly $200 added on!
She did say I should contact my insurance and see if my u/s would be covered, though, since it was “medically necessary”. And had me schedule another appt. for 6weeks from now, and told me to call my insurance and see if that one would be covered, and if not I could always cancel. I don’t like to rock the boat in person, so I went ahead and smiled and made the appt. But I’m going to cancel it. Even if it were completely free I don’t feel like another u/s is needed. I’ve got my peace of mind. THANK YOU, LORD!!!


Okay, okay!

This is how I told M….
I took this bag to the restaurant…















And told him the baby would be wearing what was inside:




So poor E is doomed to a tomboy existence for now, with three brothers!
MJ, on the other hand, was quite excited!


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    Praise God from whom all blessing flow!!

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