Friday Afternoon Weekend Control

On Fridays I start thinking about the weekend. Since my usual cleanup routine isn’t followed over the weekend, I always try to endeavor to get the house especially clean and ready for the weekend on Friday. So that’s what I’m about to do, but first I’m procrastinating!

Today for lunch I cooked mini shells, mixed in a couple cans of drained tuna, a can of mexi corn, a dash of Tabasco & onion powder, and some mild cheddar cheese. It’s surprising what bizzare and simple pantry concoctions taste amazingly good and hit the spot when you’re pregnant!

I just searched eBay for cardboard books for C and put several auctions on my watched list. Hopefully I can get a few at a good price. It’s so cute to see C sit down and “read”. He really likes it!

I didn’t really like the way the belly pictures turned out the other day, so I took some more. But I’m not sure I like those so well, either. It’s hard to take a good timer pic in the trailer without an unsightly background.

E came up to me a few minutes ago and planted a kiss on my cheek. Then she took my face in her hands and kissed me on the other cheek. After intently studying my face for a few seconds she announced, “I’m not gonna poke your eyes!” How thoughtful! Then she went on to babble something about poking a “bad guy” in the eye. Yesterday we were talking about what eyes were for, and one of the things they weren’t for was poking.

I’m not sure what exactly our weekend plans include… M has been going to bed at about 7pm every night and we’ve hardly talked all week!

Gotta tend to my household now!


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