Back and feeling better!

This weekend went better than I expected. The picnic was nice and not too akward. They had a few different teambuilding competitions throught the day with different prizes. M won a maglight flashlight.

At the beginning of the week I started feeling very bad. I was exhausted, dizzy, incredibly nausious 24/7, and had a headache that lasted 3 days. Finally a friend mentioned that my symptoms sounded like low blood pressure. I looked it up online and indeed, I did have several of the symptoms. It said that dehydration can be a cause for it. So I decided I should get some water in me.

Since we’ve moved into the trailer, we’ve had a little difficulty with the drink situation. Our refridgerator is so tiny I can’t keep enough drinks cold, and our water comes out of the tap very lukewarm and disgusting. It’s bad enough when you’re not pregnant, but being pregnant makes me feel like throwing up when I drink straight from the tap.

I had posted about not feeling well on a friend’s message board. Within 20 minutes she called, offering to bring me a cooler with ice and water. At first I turned her down, but almost as soon as we hung up I regretted it. She reiterated her offer on the board and so I accepted. I sometimes have a hard time accepting help from other people. I guess I need to work on that. But afterwards I was so thankful for her! She also brought me a Starbucks drink!

When I first started getting water in me I couldn’t keep it down. But shortly I started feeling very much better. Yesterday I felt SO good. When you are sick it really brings home how good it is to feel well! It was a little scary to me to see how bad I let things get before I figured out what was wrong with me. For now, we are going to keep the friend’s cooler and see how that situation works out. We may buy a cooler or possibly even a second fridge for outside. But we definately need to figure out a way to keep cool drinks. Any suggestions are welcome!

Yesterday I went to the bank. M decided it would be better to withdraw a certain amount on a monthly basis that I will use to pay for groceries and everything else than to try to balance our finances with me spending little amounts on the debit card all over town. So, it will be better for him and also will be a little tricky for me to try to budget everything properly so I don’t run out before the end of the month.

Thanks for your continued readership!


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    Hi, Amy! My goodness, I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well, but glad you’re better now. I have low blood pressure always, but didn’t know it could be related to dehydration. I know I don’t drink enough, so I will try to be better!

    P.S. Happy late Birthday! P.P.S. I have needed to mail you a card and check for the book FOREVER… could you PM me or email me your new address?

    Love, Wardeh

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