Birthday Date!

Well, I had a very nice birthday, thank you for asking!

I had slacked off with the housework a bit this week so yesterday I pretty much spent the entire day doing damage control. It was nice so I had the children play outside most of the day.

I was looking forward to a little ‘date prep’ of getting myself ready. The day before I had been in Walmart. I must have checked my brain at the door, because when I was browsing the cosmetic isles and came across the glue-on fingernails, I thought that it sounded “fun” to buy them. I was actually looking forward to putting them on! I guess pregnancy zaps more brain cells than I thought. An hour later and a supergluing my fingers together incident, they were finally on. I hated them. They felt weird, they looked fake, and they weren’t all on straight. So I decided to ditch them. I had to soak my fingers in nail polish remover (*shudder*) and pry them up for about 20 minutes before I finally got them all off. And now there’s still dried superglue on my fingernails. I wanted to make them prettier and ended up making them worse than before. Guess I should have left well-enough alone!

Anyways, I barely had time to squeak out a shower and quick mascara application and the babysitter was here. Thank you, Mrs. P! I am very greatful to her for taking the time off from her move preparations to come and serve in this way. She even brought me beautiful potted purple crysanthemums.

We took off around 7ish. We went to Red Lobster. M had grilled trout with rice pilaf & broccoli. I had steak on mashed potatoes topped with lobster bits, shrimp, asperagus and butter sauce. It was yummy! It was nice to have uninterrupted time with him. We’re going to start trying for two dates a month/ every other week or so. I hope it works out.

Today my “Tuesday Friend” came over. She’s going to be gone camping next week. *Sniff* I’ll miss her! She brought me a yummy lemon blueberry coffeecake and a wonderfully inviting memory foam pillow!!! It was so thoughtful of her! I’ve been plagued by headaches ever since moving and I think my pillow is the culprit. I KNOW this will be better, and I hope the headaches will soon cease! We had a very nice visit.

Tomorrow we’ll head out to a nearby lake for the day. M’s company is having a weekend camping trip. We’ll just come for the day and do the activities. (I’m not sure exactly what’s planned.) I’m not really looking forward to it, honestly. I hope it goes better than I expect.

Sunday is fellowship meal at church. I’m not sure yet what I’ll bring or if I’ll have a chance to bring something if we’re gone all day Saturday. I was thinking roast whole chicken in the crockpot but I can’t buy it ahead of time because there’s no room in the fridge. We’ll see. I might just cop out and not bring anything and then try to not eat much. 😉

Well, my children need me before bed, so I need to go tend to them.


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    It is SO GOOD HEARING FROM YOU!! I’ve been concerned about you and wondering how you all are doing.
    How’s it going?
    Please keep us posted with your upcoming ultra sound!
    Love ya!

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