A ‘moving’ morning!

Yesterday morning as I was on the phone with a friend, the trailer started shaking back and forth pretty violently. At first I thought maybe the children, who had just gotten onto my bed, were jumping on it. But when I saw that they weren’t doing it, my next thought was someone was outside shaking our trailer. My friend who was about 30 minutes south of me felt it happening too.

The coffee in the coffeepot was sloshing all around. It was pretty weird. I’m not really used to earthquakes so I always kind of stand there like a doofus going, “What’s happening?

We saw some kind of cool video on the news last night from stores with junk rattling off the shelves. Nobody was hurt and there wasn’t that much damage to buildings, mostly just broken things inside houses and stores from falling off shelves.

C is so cute! Earlier I was giving the kiddos high fives for doing a good job brushing their teeth, and C came over because he wanted one, too. Last night when I was helping them finish up brushing and telling them to say “Aaahh” he came toddling over saying, “Aaahh”. He brings me his bottle when it’s empty, and loves to sit and read his board books. He’s really growing up lately! *Sniff*

I’m going to get back on track with grocery shopping in August. I’m going to work on getting my coupons in order and finding a source for store adpapers / sales. I have to go to the store every 2 or 3 days and I haven’t been doing very well with it.

Thanks for reading!!


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