Thanks for the prayers– The News

Thanks to all for the prayers. This ’bout’ of insomnia has seemed to pass. I didn’t end up falling asleep until after 5:30am –after my husband got up for the morning!

Now for The News.

We are going to be moving out of our rental house when the lease is up (Mid-June to Beginning of July) and moving into a travel trailer. If you go HERE you can see some pictures. It looks pretty much the same except that the fabric is a different print and you can only see the bracket for the TV.

It’s 33′ long and it has the biggest slide-out size they have. It really opens up the whole living area as well as the master bedroom. 

We also bought a 2004 Ford Excursion recently both to tow it, and because we needed something larger for the family.

Right now we’re looking at a campground nearby to where M works. Cutting down on his commute will be really good. Right now he has to get up at 5:20am and bike 2 miles to pick up his work van. (And bike home from where he parks it in the evenings.) He’s really been worn out lately.


We have so much to do in the next month and a half it’s not even funny. It’s much different than a regular move, too, since we can’t just throw stuff in boxes and deal with it at the new house.



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  1. 1

    I’m glad to hear that you are sleeping better. I struggle with a little insomnia myself. It isn’t fun!

    The trailer is really nice. I like the picture with the kitchen on one side and the couch on the other. It looks really large.

    I’m so sad to hear you are looking closer to where M works. It will be nice for him to be closer. I love Mike being so close. I hoped things would work out for you all here. I will miss my ‘Thursday’ friend. Keep us posted!

  2. 2

    becky said,

    well, you have been busy!
    can’t wait to hear all about it…
    what an adventure!
    talk to you soon…

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