Quiet Day

Today I hope to get some housekeeping things done. I need to get upstairs and clean the master bedroom & bathroom. It’s kind of frustrating for me to figure out when the best time of day is to clean up there. In the morning I don’t want to have to put C in his pack-n-play up there while I clean, since he just got out of bed. But later, it’s time for his nap and then he’s sleeping in there. So… I’m not sure exactly when would be the best timing.

Our time on Sunday with friends was enjoyable. We played Clue, the Simpson’s version. M “went out” fairly quickly. Mrs. R won.

The Brunch Fellowship Meal was kind of a dud. There were too many waffle irons and they kept blowing circuits, so the waffle-making process was greatly hampered. In the end everything was okay, but I didn’t think there was very much food this month.

Well, I suppose I need to hop to it. M just came in! He was in Corona today and is going to be hanging out in Canyon Hills for the rest of the day.



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    MerryMommyofFive said,

    Heeelllooo…..hellllllooo……hellooo…hello….is anyone out there?????

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