Okay, I think it’s time for a post at a normal time of day! It’s 9:17am.

As the title suggests, I’ve been doing some couponing. I’m hoping to learn more and more about how to get the good deals. I’ve been clipping coupons for about 2 months now and started using them a few weeks ago. It helps to have a little stash going first.

A friend sent me a link to a deal on a forum I was really excited to see. A Full Cup… Savings by the Cup Full

From that site I hope to gain a lot of knowledge. Fortunately, I live in an area where there are many of the good stores to do coupons in. We shop at a store called WinCo for most of our groceries (until recently, all) because it’s pretty cheap. But our Ralph’s does “double coupons”… so I shop for things there that are on sale that I can use coupons for and it’s cheaper than the store brand at WinCo. I’ve been getting some deals I’m happy with… but I can’t wait to bring home a whole cartload of food for only a couple bucks. So far I’ve been getting about $65.00 worth of groceries for $35.00. I’ve been “saving” more than I spent, for instance, I saved $37.00 and only paid $32.00.

Some of the deals include a box of cereal for .40. Breyers Double Churned ice cream for $1.00/ 1/2 gal. and a gallon of milk for .75. Actually that milk was on markdown. Every time I’ve been there I’ve been able to pick up some good deals on clearance or markdown because it’s close to the expiration date. I got some yogurt cups for .25/ea, a tub of hummus for .25, and some turkey breast for 1.99/lb

I have a list of all my coupons, (price & expiration date) and I have a list of some of my frequently purchased foods & prices at WinCo, so that I can compare a “sale” at Ralphs and see if it’s actually cheaper than what I usually pay at WinCo. (I need the list… I’m terrible at remembering prices!)

Then I go through the Ralphs’ ad paper when it comes out and check for sales that I have coupons for.

Anyways, I won’t bore you any more with that for today.

E is frustrating me with her potty training stall. She stays dry all day when we’re out and about, for some reason, but is not doing so well at home. I’ve noticed she’s been dry overnight several times, and she does go at home, but a lot of accidents, too. She usually does excellent when we’re away from home, though.

I’ve got to get out and take a picture of my pretty flowering trees in the front yard. They  have fragrant pink flowers and little red leaves.

C is getting to be more of a handful now. I can’t get much done unless he’s in the playpen or highchair. He usually makes a bee-line for the kitchen/diningroom. Our livingroom is carpeted and the diningroom and kitchen are tile. So I try to set the boundary for him at the tile. He just doesn’t seem to be getting it for the most part, though. I’m pretty frustrated. I can be right there, telling him, “No. No tile” and stopping him right as he reaches for it and he is just like the others, very stubborn and persistant. But then other times he will crawl parallel to the “line” so it seems like he realizes that there is a boundary there. I guess I just have to keep at it and hopefully it will ‘click’ for him soon.

MJ is getting so big… I can’t believe he will be FIVE this month! He’s growing up way too fast!



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    Amber said,

    Oh I love going coupon shopping! I haven’t had much time to do so but I *need* to cut some out for my next trip to Winco! I love your blog 🙂 I hope to come and visit more often 🙂
    See ya soon!
    Amber (from buildinghealthylives)

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