Tooth Woes

I just re-read my last post because I couldn’t remember exactly what it said.

The cloud cover ended up blowing out just in time for the eclipse. It was a little less fantastic than I was hoping. There was a picture in the newspaper the night before showing a really red-colored moon, but it wasn’t like that. It was interesting.

I believe it was Wednesday night that M woke up complaining of great pain in one of his wisdom teeth. He couldn’t sleep until he took some acetaminophen. It was not so bad during the day, but the next night more of the same, and the following day it was getting worse even during the day and became painful to even open his mouth.

I was able to get him an appointment with a dentist on Saturday. They evaluated it and gave him a prescription for amoxicillin (for the infection) and codine-acetaminophen (for the pain). And an appt to have all four of his wisdom teeth out on Monday.

I felt/feel really sorry for all this that he’s had to go through. I would not want to be in his shoes, and all this is making me nervous that I will be one day. I’m such a wimp when it comes to my teeth.

While I was setting up the appt for M’s teeth, they conned me into setting up one for myself. Have I told you of my dental woes? Argh. Let’s just say that the dentist I went to before botched everything about my appointment. I’m not a happy camper. So, anyways, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. Goody. I’m dreading it now. After I’m done here I’m going to find something to put on my MP3 player so I’ll have something to distract me.

My pastor’s wife is going to watch the children for me. I feel really bad because this will be the third time she’s babysat for me in the last 2 months. I never use babysitters, but we went out for our first date night in forever for our 6th anniversary in January, and two weeks ago she watched MJ & E so I could take C to the Dr. Now this. Hopefully they can do everything in one appointment or I can get a Saturday appointment or something.

Thursday I’m going into town again to babysit for someone. I did last week too. I might stop by Ralphs (grocery store) afterwards and see what deals I can find. Last week I did that and using coupons, sales, and clearance items I saved $35.00 and only paid $32.00! (This wasn’t my full shopping for the week; I was just shopping sales.)

In preparation for last week’s trip I first went over a few recent receipts and wrote down the prices for some regular items we buy. Then I went online to the sale flyer at Ralphs. I scanned through my coupons and then through the flyer, noting things that I had coupons for, then checking them against my list to see if they were cheaper than what I normally pay. Ralphs has double coupons so that is exciting. I got a box of cereal for .40. I picked up some clearanced yogurts that were .25 ea. I would have had no idea if that was a good price or not if I hadn’t written my list of prices from our usual grocery store. I’m not very good at remembering prices. As a mom I just have too many things to remember.

This afternoon I was telling MJ what words to spell with some refridgerator magnets. Dog, dad, hat, hog, pat, he got them all easily. Then I asked him to spell “rat” and when I turned around to look it was “wat”. He sounded it out very carefully for me… “wwwwr…aaaahhh…ttttt”. It was cute. I had to carefully enunciate the word for him, explaining that it was RRRat, not wwwrat.

On an old blog I used to write down some of MJ’s “vocabulary”. It’s been cool reading the old reports and remembering some “words” he used that I had forgotten. So in an effort to preserve E’s vocabulary, I’ll give you some of her words in some posts.

drink — “nie” (I don’t think she says this anymore, I can’t remember. Don’t know HOW she gets it!)
brother — “boe”
Marcus — “daughty”
Junior — “ee-oh”
Charles — “darl”

She used to call Marcus “brother”. Now that she has two brothers, she usually specifies. So Marcus is “boe daughty” or sometimes “daughty ee-oh” and Charles is “boe darl”

little — “eh-ohl” –sometimes she takes a bottle of milk to bed with her and she prefers the little bottles. One day I was trying to get her to say “lllllllllllllittle” and it was so cute. Now she says a very pronounced, somewhat separate “l” sound at the beginning. “lllll–eh-ohl”

I’m getting kind of tired now so I’ll wrap this up here.


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    Nicole Hirschy aka nicoleh said,

    Sorry to hear about your hubby’s tooth problems. Hopefully, you will come through your exam with flying colors! I’ve been thinking of you; I haven’t seen you much on T2CHK. Praying all is well with you. Take care!


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