Visitor, Driving Test

I’m just not having much time to keep up with my blog lately. But the good news is my house is looking a lot better for it! I’m getting my projects done. Incrementally my projects are getting crossed off the list.

Saturday was our sixth anniversary. We had our first “date night” in a couple years. The pastor’s wife watched the children for us and we went to Vera Cruz Fish House. I wasn’t sure whether we’d bring C with us or not, thinking he’d be easy enough. But M said he’d be fine and we should leave him. I fed him after we got there to ‘top him off’ and he was fine. They all were. I am pretty particular about who I leave my children with (rarely anyone) but I trust them completely. So it went well.

The Fish House ended up being slightly louder than we expected and a tad less “fancy”, but it was still very nice. We got a bottle of local wine. The first time we’d ever bought a bottle, actually. M had Bass and I had Thresher Shark. It was very good.

After dinner we went to the mall nearby and walked around, then got “dessert” coffee at a little coffeeshop outside the mall.

M’s dad is coming to stay with us for a week. He gets in on Tuesday evening (15th) and leaves the following Tuesday morning. We haven’t seen him since MJ was 3 months old. So that should be nice. Honestly I’m slightly apprehensive just because I don’t really know him very well. But he seems like a nice guy and I’m sure everything will go fine. I’m excited for him to get to meet his grandchildren. We don’t have much of anything planned yet, except we’ll probably go to the zoo while he’s here.

Also, I have my driving test scheduled for next Friday at 1:50pm. I’m feeling pretty good about the *driving* part, but parking still needs a lot of work. From what I hear, however, they don’t make you park for the test. So please pray that I pass!

Huckleberry Finn is over now that M was watching so I’ll leave it at that.

OH, and PS… C started crawling in earnest this week!


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