Student Driver

If you see a green Dodge Ram, —Watch Out— there’s a crazy lady learning to drive it!

Yes, for those of you who know how behind the times I am…. I’m 24 and just got my learner’s permit this week.

I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details, but went in neighborhoods and on the freeway. We practiced some parking and backing out, which I’ll  need a lot more work on. I was nervous and excited. Some of the time was stressful, but part of it was even what I’d call enjoyable. I did better than M thought I would. We practiced driving in North Dakota about 3 years ago, and what I had learned then seemed to come back fairly quickly, even though I thought it wouldn’t. It wasn’t like starting completely from scratch.  

I made shrimp gumbo tonight for the fellowship meal tomorrow. Can you believe it’s already December? I hope it turns out well.

It rained all day yesterday. It really poured! It’s by far the most it’s ever rained in the year and a half since we’ve been here. Some roadways were closed today from flooding.

Can’t think of much more to say so I’ll talk to you next time!


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    Nicole said,

    So glad to see you are getting out and about! Do not take this wrong, but I thought you were older than 24. Heavens, I am seven years older than you! Egads! I have been wondering how you were. I saw you on T2CHK today and was glad to see you there. Your little ones are so cute! Take care and remember you are still in my prayers!

  2. 2

    beckwanda said,

    i cannot believe i missed that shrimp gumbo on sunday. more importantly, i missed church but we can talk about that later. see what happens when you sleep in? no gospel, no gumbo. definitely not worth it.
    and i cannot wait to see you cruising down the freeway. to my house. wherever that will be.
    talk to ya soon.

  3. 3

    Daisey said,

    Yum Shrimp Gumbo!!!
    I bet you are so fun to watch…learning to drive. I’m glad it’s been fun for you. And yep, I’ll watch out for you on the road. hahha

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