Reunited with our Household Goods

Whew! Back from Las Vegas. Am I ever glad to be done with this trip. It went pretty well, even better than I had expected, but I still am glad to have gotten it over with and not have it hanging over our heads anymore. I, at least, had been dreading it ever since what? March or so? When the police department contacted us and told us they had found some of our belongings.

I had been thinking that the drive was going to be longer, but it’s only about 4 hours from here. We left around 11:45am Sunday morning and arrived about 3:30. We had made reservations for Suncoast Hotel, which was a decent price and nice. We were on the 8th floor. After settling into our room, M sent me on a mission to find dinner on the main floor and bring it back. I decided on a mexican restaurant, but they didn’t do carry-out, so they said I could have a seat, order, and then get to-go boxes for everything once it arrived. It felt queer sitting in a restaurant booth by myself. I had some ice water and chips and salsa while I was waiting. I really wanted a margarita, but couldn’t justify it’s price since we’re kind of tight right now. After the food came, I boxed it up and brought it back to the room.

Sometime during the evening, U-Haul called to confirm our reservation for the trailer and to tell us which location to pick it up at. M spent some time going through the maps in the phone book to make directions on how to get from the hotel to U-Haul, and from U-Haul to the police department. The hotel and U-Haul place were 10 pages apart on the maps, so it was a bit tricky!

The next morning, amazingly enough(!) our truck was still intact in the parking lot. We started off. We accidentally were forced off at an exit we didn’t want to take, which happened to be one that was extremely backed up, but we were able to find the place anyways. After getting the U-haul, gas, and breakfast, we arrived at the police department. We were escorted to a nearby warehouse where there were boxes and miscellaneous items lined up in rows.

I had my list of items that we had recognized from the video, and we proceeded to open the first box. What we had seen on the video was a box of stuff, (not ours) with our baby blanket and end table legs wrapped in it. The blanket and legs were not in the box anymore, and we never did find it. Most of our stuff was on one row and so the lady that was helping us went down with a box cutter opening each box and I would confirm that the things inside were ours, M would take it and load it up. Sometimes the boxes had some other things I’d pull out that were not ours.

After awhile, M had to reload the trailer more compactly. We had thought we’d have plenty of room, between the bed of our truck and our 5’x8′ trailer, but we had a lot more stuff than we had realized, so we had to really pack it in.

Then we went back to the police department, M signed some papers and we were on our way. We stopped at an In-N-Out Burger to get lunch, everyone waited in the car while I went in to get the food. We got a little lost on the way to the freeway, but after about 45 minutes we finally were on the road headed home.

We arrived home around 7:30pm. I had intended to help unload, but after getting MJ and E into bed and feeding C, he was done unloading the boxes and was beat. So we unloaded the furniture on Tuesday.

Although our computer was taken, (with all our family [digital] pictures) I found a couple CDs of backups I had done that contained a lot of photos on them. I was very pleased to see that. The “J” in “MJ” stands for “Junior” and sometimes I jokingly call C “MJJ” because he looks so much like MJ. Well, looking at baby pics, he looks exactly like MJ! It’s uncanny! I could easily pass off pics of MJ for C. I’ll post some sometime.

Tuesday we unloaded the furniture, returned the U-Haul, went to the bank, DMV, library and grocery shopping. Today I’ve been doing laundry all day, a couple loads of “regular” laundry, along with all the clothes we brought home.

Some of the things I’m glad to see again:
~Couch –which I need to vacuum off, it’s very dirty
~Solid Oak Table –which we refinished, a work of love (now it’s got some nasty gouges in the top)
~MJ’s nice Costco Summit carseat
~Double stroller
~Nice single stroller –all we have now is an umbrella stroller and a broken double stroller
~Pack’n’Play –baby shower gift when E was a baby
~Large cast iron skillet
~Expensive grain mill
~Large kitchen garbage can –I’m tired of taking the garbage out twice a day with our current can!
~Some books of mine and music CD’s
~My clothes
~Johnny Jump-up –C tried it out yesterday, too cute!
~Salad shooter and misc kitchen items
~Some of MJ’s old children’s books
~Fabric and sewing items –unfortunately, not my sewing machine

There is a lot of trash… papers, broken items, and things we no longer have a need for, such as a computer monitor and keyboard (we have a laptop now). Some things are there but missing components. There is a toy that was MJ’s as a baby, a kind of table-top thing with two molded plastic legs, one of the legs is missing. I have the manual and cord to my sewing machine, but no sewing machine. M had a couple of dress jackets that had all the buttons taken off.

So while I’m thankful to get most of this stuff back, it’s kind of bringing back those upset memories of how violated we were by this theft. And it’s like moving in all over again, there’s boxes all over the place. I have to find places to put all this new stuff, and we have some duplicates now of things that we have purchased over again.

I switched my template again. I didn’t really care extremely well for the other one, and I didn’t like the way I couldn’t have paragraphs.

I need to get back to work. The laundry has stopped upstairs so I need to go switch it over, and keep attacking the pile!
Thank you for your prayers during our trip!


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  1. 1

    MissK said,

    Glad everything went well but you sound pretty worn out. Funny thing – you have a cord and manual and no sewing machine and I have a sewing machine and no cord and manual. Thursday works out fine – I’ve been sick all week – think I got E’s cold. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. I’m praying for you as always.
    How weird is that that they took the buttons off M’s jackets?

  2. 2

    Jennifer said,

    Oh I’m so glad you got some of your things back, but I can understand how it would bring back bad memories. I’m sorry you didn’t get your sewing machine back. Now I feel bad that I have one and STILL don’t know how to use it!

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers as always.

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