Another Wonderful Thanksgiving

I need to make this quick, as it’s pushing 1am here. But I know if I don’t do this right now it probably won’t get posted at all.

We went to our 2nd Thanksgiving meal at the W’s house today. It was so much fun. But, alas, now begins my next year-long wait for it to come around again. I can hardly wait! Only 365 more days!

I didn’t get my act together very quickly in the morning. People were supposed to come between 11am and 1pm, when we were going to eat. Last year, Mrs. W was very gracious and didn’t ask me to bring anything because I was pregnant and having troubles with morning sickness and fatigue. I was delighted to be able to help out this time, I brought some brussels sprouts. I had hoped to get out the door by 10, but we ended up leaving about 11:45. We hit some slow traffic on the way up there and arrived at about 10 minutes to one. I didn’t have any way to keep the brussels sprouts warm, so I brought them cut and ready to cook once I got there. There were a few glitches with the food (other people’s) so we had to push back the eating time (2:30?) which all worked out for the best, anyways, as it gave a chance for everyone’s appetites to get worked up. (At least, that’s what M said!)

It was really fun. We had a home-grown 49lb turkey, Mrs. B’s famous ham, garlic mashed potatoes and that fabulous carmelized onion gravy, delicious sweet potatoes with a nut/granola-y topping, salad, rolls, stuffing that I actually liked very well (I don’t like stuffing, as a general rule), and probably other things too.

After everyone had eaten their fill, we visited some more. Several people left throughout the afternoon after eating. Then we were down to a “core group” and brought the games out. I had hoped to play The Game of Knowledge again, but they hadn’t brought that this year. We attempted to read the directions to “Bible Mad Libs” but the instructions were very complex and nobody could understand how to play. So the whiteboard and a dictionary came out and we were going to play pictionary, but then A found a Catchwords? Catchphrase? game. It’s a little electronic game, very similar to how Taboo is played. We had the Men’s team and the Women’s team. You selected a category, then the readout would give a word, and you had to try to get your teammates to guess the word, then passed it on to the next person. The seating was alternating Man / Woman, so it was kind of like hot potato. You got your team to guess the word and then passed it off to the opposing team sitting next to you. A timer was running the whole time, beeping faster and faster until it buzzed. Whichever team had the gadget when it buzzed lost and the other team got a point. It was hilarious. We all had a very good time.

All too soon it was after 8pm and time to pack up and head down the hill, bringing with us warm memories of another Thanksgiving day spent with loving friends.


PS I don’t know what happened to my paragraphs after I changed my template. They are all running together now even though I put spaces in.


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