I’ve had the privilege of visiting with several friends over the past week.

On Thursday I called up Mrs. T in Escondido. I don’t get the chance to talk to her often, as she lives so far away and also works from home. During the course of our conversation, she mentioned how nice it would be if the children and I could come down some day and visit them, even spending the night. Somehow it evolved into her husband was coming to town later that same day and he could pick me up and bring me back. M was sweet and said I could go. We packed, I left notes scattered around the house, made lunch for him for the next day, and around 2:45 Mr. T got here.

He drives a little Toyota truck. Getting all three carseats in the back proved quite a challenge. They did fit, but it was a squeeze!

When we got to their house, we had a little snack and then headed off for a nearby park since Mrs. T still had about an hour left until she got off work. There was no room for their 13 (or is it 14? Sorry, M!) year old daughter, so he dropped us off and then went back to get her. The children had a fun time running around, swinging, and playing football.

Then we went back to the house and had fantastic homemade chili and cornbread. After dinner, Mr. T went over some notes he had from a bible study the previous night. He’s an excellent note-taker and it was great being able to attend the study by proxy. It’s on the Christian Worldview and very timely for me. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, encouragement and exhortation. I was so thankful that they would take the time to invite me over and care for me so much. It was truly inspiring and I felt such a spirit of fellowship that night that I nearly cried. The T’s are such caring people, and I’m blessed to know them.

On Friday morning, after another delicious meal (scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, turkey bacon & OJ) Mrs. T had to take M to the W’s house. After I packed up and tried to straighten, (while Mr. T played baseball in the yard with MJ — he could actually hit the ball! I was so amazed) we left. On the way up the highway it occured to me that we would be going past the B’s house, and he could drop me off there.

I felt bad springing a visit on Mrs. B so suddenly, but she was very gracious. Even if she was put out at first, (she certainly didn’t show it) I’m so glad we got to visit that day. She invited us to go to a football game with them that night, so I called M and he said he wanted to go. Later, however, we learned that the game was postponed until Saturday night, so M just came over and we had pizza and watched Rocky III. We had a pleasant evening, and M even seemed to really enjoy himself!

We didn’t do much Saturday during the day, but that evening we went to the game with Mrs. B and her daughter K. “Our” team won 45-7 or something like that. The other team only scored in the last couple minutes.

Sunday was fellowship meal… is it really November already?? Afterwards the T’s came to our house… the same T’s whose house I was stuck at during the fires. We stopped by the library first, and while we were there they picked up a couple movies… they ended up watching the old King Kong, while Mrs. T and I played Rummikub. (Sorry, B!) After the movie was over the others came in and tried to help us with the game. That was kind of comical.

Today (Tuesday) T came over again for dinner. She drives by on her way home from work so we had been meeting on Tuesdays at the Starbuck’s near here. Last week we decided she should just come here instead. We had shake-n-bake chicken breasts, brocolli, cornbread and sweet potatoes. The chicken, unfortunately was kind of dry. The sweet potatoes were white. I’ve never seen white ones before, (and at first I thought maybe it was something else) but I looked them up on the internet, and I guess they even come in purple!

Speaking of sweet potatoes, I gave C his first taste of solid food tonight. I gave him three tiny tastes. The first one he seemed to like, the second one’s reaction was nothing, and on the third taste he started gagging. I guess we’ll stick to Mommy’s Milk for awhile.

He’s been teething more lately and his bottom one or two teeth have come through, ever so slightly. I can feel them with my finger if I really concentrate. At Homekeeping Heart, her baby (who I believe is 2 weeks younger than C) is already up on his knees! E never liked being on her stomach as a baby…. C does like it. And I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but he can roll front to back and vice versa.

I trimmed the very ends of E’s hair yesterday morning. (Like about 1/4″ off.) Her hair is still very fine and seems to grow so slowly, so I was loathe to cut any, but it was looking very ragged. I think the trim really improved the look of it. At least to me. I don’t know that it’s so noticible, it just looks less scraggly now.

Well, I think that’s about all.


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  1. 1

    beckwanda said,

    i do forgive you about the rumikub, but it is only because i am a horrible sinner and I have been forgiven. otherwise i would have found it extremely difficult and stewed over it for at least a day or two.
    boy are you in for a thrashing!!!!

  2. 2

    beckwanda said,

    oh yeah, sorry i was out of town this week. i just know i would have been on your north county/south county tour had i been home. hahaha!!!
    boy do i need to come up for a visit.

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