Well, I had intentions of blogging when we finished watching an episode of Monk online, but after checking other message boards, emails, etc, now it’s about an hour later at 11:45 and I really need to get to bed. E has been waking up earlier lately and it’s annoying, lol. I still need to go downstairs and get C from the pack’n’play and put him in our bed. But Mrs. B told me she checks my blog twice a day so I figured I’d better post something! <Hi Mrs. B!>

Last Tuesday, T and I met at the Starbucks near my house and visited. She drives past it on the way to and from work, and so we made it a date Tuesdays. Today I went down there, and neither of us actually ended up getting anything. There’s a little courtyard that’s shared with Starbucks and the other little places there, with a fountain and some tables and chairs. So we sat and visited. Since I had dinner planned out and chicken in the crockpot, I asked if she had plans for the evening and she didn’t so I asked her to come for dinner. (I meant to ask M earlier after she left if he had minded that I did that… I don’t usually take initiative without asking him first, but he’s generally open to company.) He seemed to have a good time, anyways. After dinner of chicken tacos, we played a couple games of Rummikub and had smoothies. Then he went to check the news on the computer and we visited awhile longer. It was a nice time. She’s just going to come here next Tuesday instead of meeting at Starbucks. Which is good for me anyways because we need to tighten the ol’ financial belt once again.

I was cleaning the upstairs today. It had gotten pretty bad. Both children’s rooms were pretty trashed, and the whole loft area was a mess. I spent a lot of time vacuuming, sorting toys and the like. I have it mostly finished, just a few things need to be put back into the rooms. E’s room had a full size bed in it, and we got a toddler bed for her but it had been in our room since she was sick about  a month ago. MJ would sleep on a fold-out mat on the floor in his room. He would usually fall asleep on the floor (laminate) and I would have to put him onto the mat later. So I moved the full bed into his room and the toddler bed back into E’s room. I’m still wondering exactly how I want to set the rooms up. I have one dresser between the two of them, and I moved that into E’s closet. So her room is very bare except for a toddler bed against one wall. I did have all the toys in MJ’s room, but I may put some in E’s too. I wish I had cute girly and boyish stuff for each of their rooms. I’d like to personalize them and make them very boy/girl.

Okay, I’ve got to go scoop up my charming little boy and bring him to bed with me.
Oh, and today is the anniversary of our betrothal. 6 years.


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    beckwanda said,

    i am SOOOO jealous that you are playing rumikub with other ladies.
    i feel so sad about it that the perfect remedy will be to drive up there and give you a sound rumikub thrashing so that you remember who your REAL rumikub friend is.
    oh, our friendship may be based on more than rumikub but you better not forget about those precious rumikub moments we have shared together!!!!!
    my goodness gracious!!!!!

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