I apologize for not keeping up better with the blog. I actually have a partial post that I wrote on my computer when we were offline one day last week…. I guess I’ll post that first:



I just got done fixing some iced tea for my husband,
 who is outside mowing the lawn. Incidentally, this is the first time we’ve done it since moving here.
It really wasn’t as long as you would expect, in what, 3 months? The front (where it matters) is even shorter
than the backyard. When he was mowing in the front there wasn’t even that much grass coming up.

While he was gone buying the mower, the children and I cleaned up the backyard, getting toys and rocks
out of it, and then I swept the patio. I was also doing a little weeding in the flowerbeds, both in the back just
now, and this and yesterday afternoons in the front. We have some kind of rosebushes in front and back, that
have become rather overgrown and have spindly branches everywhere. I had snipped some obscuring the front walkway
before with our scissors, but yesterday they broke. (They were cheapo scissors.) So I think M picked up some
clippers tonight for me to use. I really don’t enjoy yardwork… as you can tell since I’ve put it off so long.
I guess it’s the bugs that is what I really don’t like. If there were no bugs, maybe I wouldn’t mind so much.
But as I was pulling weedy grass stuff out of the flowerbeds, there would often be a colony of tiny black ants
who had made their home underneath, and would come swarming out en masse, and before you know it they’re crawling
all over you. There’s also spiders, slugs, beetles and grasshoppers. And of course, most dreaded of all, (but I haven’t
encountered any yet) the praying mantis. Yeah, I really don’t care for the “creepy-crawly” category.

I was thinking earlier though about how the bible says that every living thing praises him, and I wondered about
spiders and all those bugs. Maybe “praying” mantises really ARE praying.

School hasn’t really been going good this week. Well, actually, it hasn’t been going at all. I’ve just felt so tired
all week and when I am up to doing something, it’s been housework. It’s difficult to find the balance between the
two. I just need to get my house in shape and keep it that way so I won’t have to spend all day cleaning.
Okay, so I don’t spend all day cleaning. I do other stuff too.

I do so much better when the house is clean before I go to bed. When we come down in the morning and the kitchen
is clean and livingroom is tidy, there’s not much to do and I can start school right after breakfast.

Ideally, my schedule looks like this: (and we did do this mostly one week)

Clean up after breakfast, go back upstairs, make beds, get dressed
Start school -approx. 2 hrs-
Make lunch
Eat lunch
Put children down for naps/quiet time
Have mommy quiet time
Do a few chores
Children up… outside
Make dinner


But now I want to start walking every day, too, and I’m not sure where to fit that in. I would “like” to get up at
a reasonable hour and walk first thing. But, I’m not really a morning person. Also, if we eat breakfast first, it
will be too long before we’re out the door, but I don’t think we can wait until after the walk, either. (And the
walking booklet that came with my pedometer said you shouldn’t walk within 2 hours of eating, if that’s
to be believed.) The two times this week that I’ve gotten out to walk, I’ve done it after lunch and came home
and put the children down for their naps. But it’s been very hot to walk. In the cool of the morning would be more
ideal… but then again, it’s going to be cooling down for autumn, too. Argh… I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like
there’s SO much stuff I should be doing and there’s just not enough time to do it in. Good stuff, too. Like when am
I supposed to read my bible in all of this??

I’ve had a lot of things happen in my life over the weekend. I don’t really feel like posting it all. It’s kind of personal. It doesn’t seem like a very “Joyful” Journey anymore. I’ll try to keep the blog peppy so as not to drag you all down with me.

On Saturday we went to the Wild Animal Park with the S’s. It was our first time there. I had a headache all day so didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have.

The day before I had been looking up double jogging strollers online. Our stroller is awful. For one thing, it’s got a funky wheel that makes it very hard to push and manuever. The seats are also kind of messed up. I can’t complain too much, it was free. But even a properly working one isn’t the most ideal stroller. I love the idea of the large wheels on jogging strollers, but dislike the unmovable front wheel. Well, I was doing some research and found the stroller of my dreams. Unfortunately, it’s $529! Actually, I was very surprised to see how EXPEN$IVE double strollers are! It’s called a “BOB” and it’s highly rated by everyone who owns one. The very next morning after finding them online, I was at the park and, Hey! There’s a Bob! I’m generally not the type of person to strike up a conversation with a stranger, but I just had to ask them about their Bob. She was very nice and said she loves it, and told me about a local mom who runs a jogging stroller website and sells them. (They aren’t instock at any local stores, but I guess this mom has them and will let you try them out, etc.) I am drooling SO bad over these! I know we can’t afford to buy one, but I want one so bad!

The next day we were at the Wild Animal Park and EVERYWHERE I looked people had BOBs! M was teasing me by pointing them all out to me. It seemed like one in three strollers I saw were Bobs. We were walking to the entrance from the parking lot and the people ahead of us had a Bob and they were having a conversation all about it with a friend who was walking with them. M and I were jokingly being frustrated behind them. I highly suggest that if you have need of a stroller, that you don’t check out this website, because you will not be satisfied with any other stroller, and you will start seeing these everywhere. Your chin will become soggy from the constant drool dribbling down it whenever you are out in public in a place where people with strollers are, because you will notice someone with a Bob every 2 minutes.



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  1. 1

    beckwanda said,

    Hang in there Amy!
    It’s joyful because of WHO walks through the journey with us, WHO fashioned the journey for us, WHO teaches us on the journey and WHO loves us and WHO carries us on the journey.
    can you call me tomorrow morning and remind me of that?
    i wish we lived closer so we could go on walks together. oh, wait, is that why you moved so far away?
    ok, well, you can run but you just can’t hide!!!
    if you got your license then you could drive here once a week and i could drive there once a week.
    ok i am just going to call you tomorrow morning. i need a walking buddy, even if we have to walk in separate cities we can walk in spirit, eh?
    because i keep thinking i should take walks but dont. and oh, i haven’t been doing any school yet. yikes! i need to get my act together. i did get that reading book and we are doing that. and today johnny drew a picture of a tornado and a hurricane.
    ok, it’s late and i am rambling. i just want to call you but i fear you may be in bed.
    besides, the season finale of top chef starts pretty soon. hahaha.
    hasta manana mamacita!

  2. 2

    MerryMommyofFive said,

    Hi my beautiful friend, I am thinking of you often and praying for you. I am here for you. Take care of yourself! Relax! Watch a movie! Take a walk! Read a good book! Crawl around with those babies of yours! We’re here for Y-O-U! ((((Hugs))))!


  3. 3

    Wardeh said,

    Amy, I enjoyed the gentle humor in your post. It is obvious to me that even while things don’t feel joyful you still see joy in small things…. even bugs.

    Well, I’ve never heard of a Bob and thank goodness I’m beyond the stroller stage or I would be drooling. I do hope you get one! Perhaps everyone in your family could chip in and buy you one for Christmas?

    Love, Wardeh

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