Sick Kiddies

So, do you like the new look of my blog? I’m so fickle. I would change it every week. But I don’t want to annoy my readers, so I try to keep it to about once every 3-4 months. Sort of seasonal changes….

Speaking of seasonal changes, after this last heat wave finally broke…. it’s been definately autumn-like. Yay! If only the praying mantises weren’t out in droves, I’d enjoy being outside. (There was one on the inside of the screen door on our back door last night.) It’s been generally overcast in the mornings, and even later in the day when it gets sunny, there’s a definite coolness in the breeze.

Monday morning poor E woke up with a fever, and laid on the couch all day, throwing up off and on. She was better by the end of the day, but yesterday MJ started coughing.  Not a whole lot or anything, but it sounds like a sick cough. Hopefully that’s the only symptom and it doesn’t get any worse.

Gotta go get some schoolin’ in that child!


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