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Good Sunday afternoon to you!

I have started my new pictures blog. Don’t forget to bookmark it! PreciousWonders

Well, the beach thing with the S’s fell through. I wasn’t able to get ahold of them until nearly noon on Saturday. They had had an emergency trip up to L.A. We thought about going ourselves, but never did.

We went to play tennis around 7pm. The courts were being used when we got there so the children played at the playground and we played frizbee. Then as we were leaving, the tennis people left, so we decided to play for a little bit. Although I wasn’t great, I think I did improve a bit since last time. However, after playing awhile, a leaf-like object floated down out of the sky and landed by the net on my side. I knew what it was, but had M check anyways. Yep. <shudder> A praying mantis. I loathe, detest, abhorr those things! Eewwwww! They give me the willies! I am so creeped out by them I can’t even explain it. I have a paranoid, unexplainable phobia of them. Truly. I can handle most things. I might even be creeped out by a spider, but I can force myself to look at them. But don’t you dare bring a praying mantis within 9 feet of me or I’ll flip out.

I don’t know when this fear started, (I used to have a couple as “pets” when I was little) and I know it’s completely unfounded, I know they don’t bite or anything. But somewhere along the way I just developed this paranoia.

Anyways, I was feeling really creepy, but M insisted on playing still. We played a bit longer (and I never had to go near it). Then another one landed on the courts and that was the last straw. I was finished. End of game.



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    beckwanda said,

    hey don’t praying mantisses or manti? eat their husbands after they mate?
    just curious.
    thought i’d add to your disgust of the insect, you don’t have to thank me.
    i do try to be a faithful friend.
    love you.

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