Tonight we went to my second highschool football game. We went once last year. It was loud. (That’s kind of an understatement.) We were sitting up near the loudspeaker and sometimes it got so noisy I feared for my C’s hearing! M’s co-worker had recommended the Elsinore team and said they were good. We went to Elsinore High School (Tigers) vs. Elsinore Temescal Canyon  (Titans). We were rooting for the Tigers. They lost, 45-0! It was a disappointing game, and I really never got into it. For one thing, most of the time I couldn’t see a thing because all the teenagers in front of us would stand up, blocking the view. I don’t think MJ saw hardly any action, either. The Tigers also had a lot of incomplete passes and fumbles.

When the game was over, M emailed his coworker, “Dude! What’s up? I thought you said Elsinore was good… they just lost 45-0.” To which the coworker responded that the Elsinore team he had recommended was actually the Titans. When we got there we parked in the visitor parking and were on the visiting team’s bleacher side. We had to walk around to the home team side. After the game, I said, “We should have just stayed over there on that side!”

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the beach again. We talked about going with the S’s last week, but I couldn’t get ahold of them today to firm up plans. Hopefully I’ll get through in the morning… I think it will be more enjoyable going with friends.

I had Mrs. P out this week on Thursday. We had a nice visit. Hopefully she’ll come by again sometime when she’s out this way. We were going to go to the W’s house for dinner again on Thursday, but she had to cancel because her A/C broke. It was in the 100’s again most of this week, but a bit cooler than last week I think.

We did school three days this week. Not too bad, I guess. M got home early on Wednesday, so I didn’t have the chance to do my vacuuming for that day, and had to push it back to the next day. Thursday I just cleaned the whole house all morning/afternoon until Mrs. P got here.

This morning I had my allergic reaction to the cold again. I’ve had this condition for about 6-7 years now. I had looked it up on the internet several years ago and never found anything conclusive, but I looked it up this morning and found it. It’s called Cold Urticaria. It tells about it at this website, but basically I get these itchy, burning hives usually on my arms, legs, feet and hands. It’s really awful. Last week I had it badly, too, so I went down to Long’s Drug and picked up some antihistamine allergy medicine. It did not work one bit. So I called my Mother-in-Law, who is a pharmacist, and she recommended Benadryl (or the ingredient in it) so I got some of that today. I took one, but I guess I probably shouldn’t have because it was subsiding by the time I purchased it. It did, however, have the unfortunate side effect of making me sleepy. So I laid on the couch and watched a movie while the children napped this afternoon.

I think I will probably try to keep the school schedule to 3 days a week for now. I leave the days open, and just make sure I get in three days, whichever days they are. That will free me up to be not quite so rushed, leave room for company, cleaning, etc. Mondays always tend to be pretty busy, cleaning up after the weekend, so I’d rather not have to try to clean and do school too. Six hours of one-on-one schooling time is a LOT better than nothing!

I’m going to try to get some pictures ready now.
Thanks for reading!


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    beckwanda said,

    hey, i SOOO wanna go to a football game with you guys. and of course todd and johnny.
    not to be a snob, but would you ever go to a t.v.h.s. game? it’s my old high school.
    of course, then i may run into people from high school.
    lets just go up there.
    yeah, that would be better.

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