We’ve been having several earthquakes in the past couple weeks. The strongest was a 4.something. Most are 1 or 2.something, and we had a couple 3.somethings. I’ve felt a few. Hopefully it’s not “gearing up” for “the big one”! I don’t know what to make of it.

Today I’m having Mrs. P come out around 2:30. She goes to a women’s bible study out in a town somewhat nearby, and so she’d be half-way to our house, and decided it would be a good time to come by. She hasn’t seen the new house yet. Actually, I haven’t seen her in quite awhile. Her husband is the Regional Missions Director or something like that for this area and so he’s travelling a lot, and she often goes with him, so they’ve not been at church in awhile.

Wow, it’s 10am and MJ still isn’t awake! I’d better go wake him up. Must’ve gone to bed too late last night. I really shouldn’t be blogging right now anyways, I have several things to do to the house before company, and I really want to get at least some school in, too.

Yes, we started school on Monday. So far it’s been going well, and we’ve been getting in about 1 hour, 45 minutes to 2 hours in every day. That boy will be reading before you know it!

Okay, I must get going! I’ll post more later.

I started a photo blog, but I don’t like the layou of it, so I’ll probably search for a different blog. It seemed too skinny. Does anyone know of any good blogs for pictures that have a wider body?



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    beckwanda said,

    well, i have my pics at blogspot.
    you could try it.
    check out the woodards at
    then you could be
    or you could think of your own site name.
    we have to talk about homeschooling.
    yeah. i could definitely use some encouragement in that area.

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