Non-Laborious Labor Day!

Okay, so what my house is completely trashed? We had a rather nice weekend!

Sunday, after church, our fellowship meal got cancelled because of the record heat wave we’re going through right now. Some people were heading out to Auganga (I think I spelled it wrong) to a family’s house, about 45 minutes into the desert. M hates going out there because it’s such a long drive, so we declined their generous offer. Instead he wanted to head towards the cooler costal climate. So we went to the Oceanside beach again. This time we had a bit more trouble finding a parking spot, and had to walk aways, (though not too terribly bad, really), and we were down past the boardwalk to the right-hand side.

Before we got to the beach we stopped for lunch at Jack-in-the-Box. There was a Wal-Mart in the parking lot, so after eating M ran over to buy a boogie-board. Disappointing… they were sold out. Would have been a perfect day to use one, too, the surf was definately “up”. M went out a couple times and body surfed. He said he got pretty pounded by some gigantic waves. Ended up with a lot of saltwater up his nose. I tried to take MJ out to get his feet wet, but he didn’t seem to have improved much since last time, and so after awhile I gave up and brought him back. I forgot to bring their sand toys, but they didn’t seem to care too much. They had lots of fun in the sand. E was pretending to be a puppy. I called her my “sand puppy”. We brought the little plastic football MJ likes to throw around with his Pappy and they played a bit of catch a couple times.

Right before we left I went out for awhile and just strolled along, walking in the water and letting the waves lap over my feet about 6″-8″ or so. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to nurse in my bathing suit, so I can’t really wear it. It’s too much of a pain to change, there’s not usually a restroom close by. If I had a sewing machine, I think I could probably make myself another swimsuit. I’d make it a two-piece, and attach the skirt part to the leggings, and have the shirt part be separate, that way I could pull it up to nurse. ‘Course, not knowing how to really swim, I’m nervous about going out very far, anyways. But I would’t mind waist-deep or so, and if we ever do get a boogie board, I’d be willing to use that, too. (Looks like a lot of fun.)

I really enjoyed strolling along, by myself, meditating on God’s goodness, with the mighty ocean, sand, and setting sun. It was refreshing and soothing.

Today H. W. called up and invited us to come over. They actually don’t live very far from us, but we haven’t been over before. (She has some poor health issues and is recently feeling better.) She’s Korean, and she taught me how to properly make sushi. She makes delicious sushi with egg, cucumber and pickled radish. Tasty! We also had some kind of small “pancakes” that had chopped shrimp, bean sprouts & green onion in them. And salad and fruit and pork ribs. And vanilla ice cream. It was very delicious. She’s a great cook.

H and I had a lovely time talking. We got past the trivial stuff and actually fellowshipped. It was so awesome, and she’s such a sweet, encouraging lady. I’m so glad we are getting to know each other better, and I hope that she will come to visit me often. They said they’d like to do stuff with us, so I think we’ll be going to the beach with them in a couple weeks. They also said we should drop by often. I hope M will take them up on that. They’re a really nice couple, and they make me feel at ease.

Well, it’s 10:41 already. I was nursing C a little bit ago, but now he’s asleep, and I need to follow suit. I have a lot of cleaning up to do tomorrow, and I’m going to try to get up with M in the morning. I’ve got my alarm set for 6:45.  Tomorrow will be mostly catching up on housework, I’m thinking. But maybe Wednesday I can devote the day towards working on a schedule/routine and getting school stuff rounded up and organized. Whew! So much to do, so little time to accomplish it all! But I’ll never begin if I don’t get enough sleep, so, goodnight!

If you’re still reading, post a comment!


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  1. 1

    Jenny said,

    I’m just catching up on reading your blog catch-up! I LOVE your hair and hereby put my vote in for the photoblog. It’s always fun to see pictures as well as read updates.

    I was just going through some church photos and found the b&w ones of the baby shower for Eileen. How time flies!…

  2. 2

    beckwanda said,

    Yay- another post! I enjoyed it. We had fun at the beach too and I was disappointed we couldn’t hook up. Let’s try to do it again before the season ends. It is a wonderful and relaxing place to be! Especially when the gentlemen are there to play with the little men. And in my case, it’s especially relaxing. Unless Todd’s got Johnny on his back out past the breakwater where he is catching waves in high tide on the boogie board and riding them in with the four year old who can’t swim on his back. Twas a bit unnerving but thankfully didn’t last long when it was realized that momma was nervous about it. Yikes!!! The tide came in like a washing machine that weekend!
    Talk to ya soon!

  3. 3

    Jennifer said,

    Hey–just got caught up on your blog. Your hair looks so cute. I’m so glad you like it–it’s so miserable to get a bad one you don’t like. Ask me how I know.

    I was wondering how you wear C in the Ergo? Doesn’t seem like Z will be big enough for a few more months. I’ve put him in sideways, but it’s not too comfy so I just use pouches and mei tais right now. I can’t wait to use my Ergo again though.


  4. 4

    Hey Jennifer!

    Thanks for stopping by! Comments to my blog are supposed to get emailed to me, and this one never did.

    I have worn C in the Ergo, mostly during shopping or when we’re out. A little around the house, too. But I have a hard time figuring out exactly how he’s supposed to sit in it, sideways. It just doesn’t feel right. I expect to use it way more once he can sit up normally in it. I don’t have any other carriers, but I wish I did for these early months, because I think I would wear him more, as long as it felt more natural. I originally thought the Ergo would be all I’d ever need, but I really feel like it’s not as good for an infant. I still love it for olders, though!

    I wore E in it to the zoo the other day.


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