3 Day Weekend

Well, when was the last time I blogged? About a week ago? I can’t remember. I just need to make time for this. Although I haven’t written anything down yet, I’ve been forming a new routine in my mind.

 Okay, now this has to be short because I had things to go do between writing that sentence and now. And M is waiting for me to come watch a movie with him.

Let’s see…
Last Saturday we got a late start and went to the Zoo. M was kind of tired, so we didn’t stay very long, and didn’t see all of it. It covers a very large, hilly area. Last time we were there, we had brought the double stroller, but that is difficult to maneuver, due to messed up wheels. (Especially uphill.) So this time I just brought the umbrella stroller and the Ergo. I alternated between wearing C and E. The only problem with the umbrella stroller is that the handles are too short for M to push comfortably.

Oh! I also got a haircut on Saturday before we left for the zoo. All my life I’ve had extremely long, straight, plain hair. The only variation throughout  the years was bangs or no bangs. My hair was down to about the small of my back. (It grows very quickly!) So I got the length cut about lower mid-back. It’s a couple inches past my bra strap. It’s still “long” for most people. Then I also got layers! The shortest layers are about 3″ below my chin. I really like it. I feel “fun”. I have my hair down a lot more now. I’m trying to get over the urge to put it up, and not let it bother me when it’s over my shoulders.




Those aren’t the greatest pictures, but I figured I can’t post about a haircut and then not show pictures! I just brush it before my shower, then towel-dry it and comb mousse through it with my fingers and “scrunch”. It looks better earlier in the day. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it look great. Sunday I think was the day it looked the best.

I think I am going to start a pictures blog. One that doesn’t really have writing, but a place I can “overload” with pictures if I want to, and not slow people’s computers down… it’s their own choice if they want to go there. They can still come here to get the scoop on our life, and go to the other blog if they want pictures. I’ll keep you posted as to when that is up and running.

I’m still not sure what our plans for this weekend will include. We invited the S’s to go with us to the zoo, wild animal park, or beach. We’ve decided that it’s too hot for the zoo / wild animal park and I’m still waiting to hear back from them if they want to go to the beach on Monday. We might go by ourselves if they don’t come. Tomorrow is “Fellowship Meal” Sunday, but today we got an email saying it had been cancelled because of the heat. The school we meet in recently had new carpeting laid, and has expressly forbidden us to consume any food or beverages inside the building. The T’s called this afternoon inviting people over to their place after church, but M hasn’t said whether he wants to go or not. I’ve already brought it up twice and he hasn’t answered, and I hate to “nag”, but I (as I told him) need to call her back and say whether we’re coming or not. Ugh. I hate that. I’m hoping he’ll say yes.

I still need to figure out the menu for this week, so M can go to the store tomorrow while I’m at church. I have a few things on there but need to finish it up.

I had company on Wednesday and Thursday this week. That was fun. I really enjoy being able to make plans for visits during the week on Sundays. It would be nice to be able to go to other people’s houses, too, but since I have no mode of transportation, for now I’m content playing hostess. I really love opening my home up for visitors.

Wait, did I already blog about the Zoo? That was dumb. I guess I need to read my own blog if I go so long inbetween posts!

Sorry for the redundancy!
Sorry for the redundancy!

Till next time,
Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later…

PS We had a downpouring of rain yesterday afternoon for about 45 minutes. It got very stormy and windy again this afternoon, but only sprinkled. The (record breaking) heat has been in the 100’s and will continue to be until next weekend!

Enjoy your long weekend!! 


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    ktbunch said,

    You look absolutely ADORABLE! LOVE your new hair—cut. 😉

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