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I really have gotten into a blog-writing funk. I need to snap out of it.

We went to the zoo on Saturday. We left around 2pm or so, and didn’t stay extremely long. I think we left around 7ish. M was tired and wanted to go home. Going to the zoo involves a lot of walking. It covers a lot of ground, and it’s very hilly. We really didn’t see much exciting stuff. Some birds, lots of pigs (boars, peccaries, etc.), lots of “deer”, some sleeping koalas, some bamboo-munching pandas, giraffes at feeding time, and some small kangaroos. We didn’t see the elephants or hippos, two of my favorites. We went to the polar bear exhibit, but once again they weren’t doing anything. I didn’t even see them at all.

Today as we were driving to church it started sprinkling rain. During the service and afterwards it rained pretty heavily. I don’t think it ever rained where we live, but south of us got pounded pretty well. After church (M grocery shopped during this time) we all went to K’s house for a surprise anniversary party for the T’s.

Mr. T had arranged it all to be a surprise for his lovely wife, and everyone in charge pulled it off quite well. The house was set up beautifully, there was a lot of great food, yummy drinks, three beautiful cakes, and everything was presented so artfully, as usual. We all gathered by the front door and when the door opened, we all shouted, “Happy Anniversary!” to the wonderfully shocked expression of Mrs. T. It was so fun to be part of the surprise for sweet Mrs. T. They’ve been married 21 years, and each is blessed to have a wonderful person for a spouse.

We had a very nice day of visiting. After everyone else had left, we stayed and visited with the B’s for awhile. MJ and E had fun playing with K and M, who they haven’t been able to play with for awhile since our weekly visits stopped. They are going to come this Thursday, however, which should be fun.

Tomorrow I have to clean up the post-weekend mess the house usually spontaneously develops over the course of Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. M has been dropping hints lately that the house isn’t quite up to snuff with what he would like, so I’m going to devote much of my time this week towards doing some major cleaning. It’s hard to be married to such a perfectionist. Where I see a clean, tidy room, he sees only everything that isn’t. I think I do a pretty good job at keeping the house clean most of the time, but some areas I tend to let slide more often.

I found the menu and grocery list I made last week, then lost right before going to the store. So M purchased those things for me, and I’ll have to look tomorrow at the menu, because I can’t remember what was on there. It’s yummy, though.

I went to the dentist last week to have my cavities taken care of. I had a couple new ones, as well as old silver fillings that were too old and needed to be replaced. (According to the dentist, anyways.) I don’t recall my other dentist ever saying, “okay, your silver fillings are good to go; they’ll need to be replaced in a few years, though.” But the dentist reassured me that the new white fillings I got should last my lifetime.

I was hoping to get all the dental work out of the way (I think I had 3 or 4 fillings) but he only wanted to numb half of my mouth at one time, so I didn’t accidentally bite myself. The numbness is the worst part. I hate it! Later that evening, after the numbness wore off, I realized that the filling on my lower tooth has a sharp edge that will need to be taken care of when I go back in. (I even have a sore on the side of my tongue where it rubs against it. Ow!)

I also took a mold to get a nightguard, a clear plastic thing that will fit over my upper teeth to prevent damage from clenching, which I’ve been doing for awhile now. They had to send the mold in to a factory and they said it would take about a week. (That was Wednesday evening.)

We didn’t check the mail yesterday so when we got home tonight we checked it. M had a jury duty summons. Looks like it will most likely be a one-day thing. (Or probably up to only 3 days.)  It’s in the middle of September.

We weighed C today at the B’s house since we don’t own a scale. Looks like he’s about 16lbs. He’s quite the chubba bubba.

That’s about all I can think of. It’s nearly 11:30pm and I’m blogging from bed. I need to go to sleep now. After nearly a week (2 weeks ago, I think) of getting up every morning with M, I slumped back into my bad habit of sleeping through his departure and waking reluctantly around 8am when E wakes up. I am so not a morning person. I feel like a bad wife, though, so it’s something I would really like to do. (Okay, like in a relative sense.) I won’t enjoy it, but I’ll feel better doing it. Grr. Why is it such a struggle?!?

Pictures and/or video to come soon…


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  1. 1

    beckwanda said,

    hey! thanks for the update! so sorry i haven’t been up for a visit… hopefully soon. i miss my lovely friend. i was talking about e…
    just kidding.
    hey, i would love to encourage you about the housework, but i only have one kid, who is not even a new baby, so i have nothing like your excuses… and i do live with a perfectionist as well but my house is a lot smaller. wow. better go and get on the housework. i am certainly not a morning person either. but if you call me at 7:00am i can wake you right up. you know i can. hahahaha!!!! that is, if i am up!
    talk to you soon! love u!

  2. 2

    JennaG said,

    Hello–I just popped over because we have blogs with similar names–I wanted to see who thinks like me 😉 Have a great weekend.

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