Laguna Beach

Yes, the camping blog is still coming…. but for now, a beach story!

We were going to go to the Wild Animal Park, but realized that they never sent our membership cards (only MJ’s). But because he’s in the “Kid’s Club” it came separately. Our temporary cards have already expired. I called on Friday but they had already closed. But it said lost cards could be replaced for $2.00 each, so I think we’re just going to do that.

So instead, we went to the beach! We were trying to get out of the house before 10, but of course that didn’t happen. We had to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart first, (thankfully it’s on the way). My main reason was that I needed to get C some more diapers. But we were also running low on sunscreen. I couldn’t find the sunscreen isle for awhile, then I found some, but it was all the spray-on kind, except for one brand in small bottles. Since M was waiting in the truck with the children, and I didn’t want to waste any more time looking, I just grabbed one of those. I picked up some Capri Sun juice pouches too. (And walking past a display where Crayola crayons were only .20 ea I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of those.)

I got in line with only one person ahead of me, but there was some kind of a problem and it was taking forever, so I finally switched lines. We needed to get some change for parking meters/toll roads, but the checkout cash drawer didn’t open at the register I used, so I had to pay with the debit card, and then go to the returns counter to get some change. Thankfully, there was no line there, it seems like that counter is always very busy.

We left Wal-Mart at 11:17, got on the freeway and headed for Orange County! (No, I’m not really a dweeb, I remembered the time because I likened it to one of my old addresses as a child, 1117 Kelly Blvd. Okay, maybe I am.)

Okay, C is getting fidgety so I need to hurry. We were headed to a beach I saw on the internet, Corona Del Mar. We followed the internet directions and parked. We got all our bags out and trekked them all the way down about 3 flights of concrete steps. The “beach” if you can call it that, was a tiny little alcove, with lots of sea grass washed up on it, and dirty water. We sat there wondering what we should do. It was obviously not the beach we were trying to find. M set off to see if he could find it, while MJ and I built a “good guy’s castle” and a “bad guy’s castle”. M came back, no luck. Neither of us wanted to tote all our stuff back up to the truck. But we didn’t want to come all that way just to go to this dinky beach, either. So we hauled everything back up to the truck. M was carrying C in the carseat, an old comforter (to sit on) and a beach bag. I had two (very heavy) bags on my shoulders and was holding E’s hand, and MJ carried his bucket of sand toys. Whew! The children were crabby by the time we got them back in the truck, and so were we.

We drove down the coast. The scenery was very pretty, and we passed through some neat areas with lots of shops. We found a nice looking beach, and then started looking for somewhere to park. Bwahahhaha! We ended up finally finding a $8.00 lot a couple miles away. It had a free trolley shuttle. While we were condensing everything we were going to take, a trolley came, then left very quickly. I was surprised, because I didn’t think there were that many people waiting, but it was full when it went past us, so we couldn’t have gotten on anyways. I put C in the Ergo so we could ditch the carseat. I took everything out of the bags that we didn’t need. The trolleys were every 20 or 30 minutes, so we had to sit and wait awhile. I nursed C during this time.

We had to transfer trolleys at a lot down the street, but that trolley came right away. We got off downtown, and walked a few blocks to a little eatery area. M was starving and “grouchy hungry” (by his own admission). He hadn’t wanted to deal with food so we hadn’t packed any. We got some hamburgers and I got my poor M a Corona. He finally started to enjoy himself. It was good just to “be there” finally. It was after 2pm by this time. We were about a block away from the beach at this time. It was kind of odd, you crossed this main street (Pacific Coast Hwy, actually) and the beach was just right there on the other side of the road.

Have I mentioned how much I hate sand? It’s so fine and it sticks to you. You can’t brush it off! M tried to take first MJ, then E down to the water, but they were terrified and screamed. So he brought them back and went in himself. MJ and E were content to play in the sand. After M got back, he held C and stayed with the children while I went back to the burger joint’s restroom to change into my suit. We thought there would be a restroom at the beach where I could change, but there wasn’t.

I tried to get the children to go with me, but they wouldn’t. I dragged MJ out to the wet sand to show him some weird creatures that crawled out of the sand after the tide washed over  them, but he was very reluctant. We “caught” a few in his sand pail and took them back to “show Pappy”. I kept calling them “bugs”. From what I can remember, they looked something like this. They were kind of like clams. After the tide washed over them, there were all these little bubbles in the sand, and they would scurry out and then burrow back in to another spot.

I went in a little ways, but since I don’t swim very well, I was nervous and didn’t go past about chest-high. I don’t think I’ve ever been in the ocean before. I didn’t really understand the logistics of “body surfing”, but those -I think they’re called boogie boards- looked fun. We’ll have to get one of those. The water was nice and warm.

We left around 7pm, right when the beach was starting to thin out. We were able to only take one trolley back to the lot. E, who had not had a nap, and who I was afraid might fall asleep as she was walking to the bus stop slept on the way home. We stopped at the Subway near our house and got dinner. (Thank you, M! After being at the beach all day, I didn’t feel like making dinner when we got home.) Besides, everyone, including baby C had to be bathed. After wolfing down half a sub, I gave him a bath while the others were eating. (He’s outgrowing the sink!) Then, I had to shower all the sand off of me before I could even nurse him. After getting him to bed I was able to bathe the others and get them to bed.

A good day, overall. It could have started out better, but I suppose it ended well, at least. The beach was very pretty (Laguna Beach, by the way). It was nice to relax. If only we didn’t have to battle OC traffic to get there!



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  1. 1

    MerryMommyofFive said,

    I’m glad to see that you are doing well. I kept checking in on your blog while I was away and became increasingly worried when you hadn’t posted. I thought something might be wrong. Sounds like you had quite an experience with your beach outing. I hate the sand, too. I probably wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t have little ones to clean up. We have always called those “bugs,” sand crabs. I’m not sure if that is the real name or not but that is the common name. It’s funny to hear you talk like you don’t know what they are. Having always been a Californian, everyone just knows this stuff. You are the only person I know who hasn’t lived in CA before. LOL! Have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon.

  2. 2

    beckwanda said,

    I do believe the proper local term is “sand crabs”. MMofF is correct.
    Not everyone from outta state would know that I guess…
    Hey- when are you getting your DL so we can go to the beach before the season’s over???
    COME ON!!!!

  3. 3

    ktbunch said,

    LOL Ditto MMoF!!! Sand crabs! Hos cute that you would have no idea.

    We’ve been going to the beach @ least once a week here! Oh how i wish you lived closer…we’d ahve SO much fun & I think you’d get used to the sand quicker! lol

    Maybe not…it can be annoying but whatever. You’re SO cute. 😀

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