Boring Saturday… Goodbye for a week!

Man, it is HOT today! We’ve been laying around sweating doing nothing.

I was really hoping to be able to go to the thrift stores to find some clothes that will actually fit me, especially with my camping trip coming up on Monday. But, that was not to be. I’ve been kind of mopey about it all day. Hopefully not on the outside, but on the inside I’m definately feeling bummed. When M sent in his payment to renew his truck’s license plates, he didn’t realize he had to send in a copy of proof of insurance. So that was sent separately, over a week ago now, I think, but we still haven’t received the stickers in the mail  yet. So he doesn’t want to drive the truck frivolously. Maybe I’ll pull that box of clothes out of the garage that didn’t fit a couple weeks ago and see if I can wiggle into them yet. I had a dress hanging in my closet that didn’t fit very recently and then I was able to wear it, so maybe I will be able to fit into these other things. I’m afraid to try, though, because I don’t want to be disappointed.

In other news, yes, camping. I guess I failed to mention it before now. My fabulous M is allowing me and the children to go camping with Providence. (My church.) It will be lots of fun, and I’m anticipating a wonderful week of soul-recharging fellowship. Mrs. W has so kindly and generously offered to work out the details so I can go. Not only is she getting a tent, chairs, etc. for us to use, she is going to come pick us up on Monday morning and drive us to the campgrounds. We’ll be camping somewhere…. well, let’s see. I’ll go get the information sheet and tell you exactly.

It’s Cedar Grove at Mount Palomar. WOW! I just looked up a website, it’s up in the mountains and it says it has views of the Pacific Ocean. Now THAT will be cool!!

Palomar Mountain State Park features spectacular views of the Pacific, camping, picnicking, hiking, and fishing (trout) in Doane Pond. Coniferous forests cover much of the 1,862 acres, in contrast to the dry lowlands surrounding the mountain. This is one of the few Southern California areas with a Sierra Nevada-like atmosphere.

We’ll be leaving Monday morning and getting back Friday afternoon. MJ is so excited! He keeps asking if “is today camping with my friends?”

So, excuse the absence while I’m gone. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures when we get back!



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    Adriana said,

    You’re going to love Mount Palomar. It’s beautiful. My DH and I went and I could have stayed for days rather than just the few hours we had. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    ~Adriana from T2CH

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