Blogging from Bed

Ahh, yes, I’ve been blogging from bed. The only problem is I stay up too late.

I just thought I should post a quick message since it’s been a few days.

Tomorrow is going to be busy, a full day of company. Mrs. B is going to drive up with Mrs. P around 9:30, then Mrs. T will be here around 3pm. I think the B’s and P’s plan to leave before the T’s get here. I just like having people with rhyming initials visit on the same day, haha.

Wednesdays are now our catch-all errand days. Our list was:
Pick up train table (the guy M works with knew about some family that was getting rid of a brio train table.)
Drop off meal for the L’s (who just had their baby)
Drop off meal for the R’s (their baby is tiny! 6lb something)
Go to McDonalds and meet the B’s, M go to the bank (oops! it was closed) and gym
Go pick up a bookshelf and sleeping bags that someone was giving away
Go to grocery store for 7 things (milk, eggs, bread, etc)
Go to library, return items, check out dvd’s

I thought the train table would just be a table we could use, but it actually came with a huge bag of train track and accessories!! It’s a cool table, too, with two storage drawers underneath it.

I’ve decided to buy MJ the Leapfrog DVD’s. He learned his letters and all their sounds from The Letter Factory, and I rented Talking Words Factory and Talking Words Factory 2 from the library and loved them. They teach the next step in reading, putting the letters together and sounding them out. Also teaches things like the “silent E” and letter blends. They also make a Math Circus that is good, it teaches some basic arithmetic. They have one other video (I wish they would produce more) called “Storybook Factory”, but I don’t really like it as well so I’m not going to buy it. (Has some feminism in it: the sister is the director in charge of the play production and is telling everyone what to do… Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but it just doesn’t sit quite right with me.)

Doing some research tonight, so far the cheapest place I’ve found is where they’re selling for $7.40/ea with free shipping. So I can get all four for $29.60. If anyone knows of anyplace cheaper, let me know! I do surveys online for a great company called Pinecone Research and earn $5.00 per survey. I have $25 in my PayPal account right now so I need to do one more survey before I can afford this. Unfortunately, they don’t allow people to sign up for Pinecone very often. They have very limited windows of opportunity and I just happened to be in on one. I haven’t seen one open up since, actually. But I have been very happy with the company. They pay promptly (and now they’ve switched to PayPal so the money shows up even quicker, before they would mail checks) and don’t spam me. It’s a nice way to earn a little spending cash, or “Pinecone money” as I call it.

Well, I need to get to sleep now, it’s after midnight! I’ll write more soon. Thanks for reading!


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  1. 1

    beckwanda said,

    hi, mrs p here,
    hahaha i am holding you to me holding c-los on sunday. don’t worry, i will just call him c to his face. i feel the same way about those leap frog videos- love ’em, although i didn’t notice that about the sister but good point. although what ever happened to servant leadership anyway???
    and how do i get in on that pinecone action???
    see ya sunday,
    with love,

  2. 2


    You need to find a banner ad online where they’re recruiting. It’s very difficult to “get in”.

    I’ll be looking for you on Sunday!

  3. 3

    michelle said,


    Happen to come across your blog because I was searching for LeapFrog DVD. By the way, if you are interested in earning some extra cash by doing PPP (payperpost). They pay you to blog about a product or service. Go to my website and click on the referal badge at the side bar if you interested.


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