Back to the Week

Well, another weekend has passed, and the new work week is upon us.

Late Friday afternoon I began to be more alarmed about a problem I’ve been having. My teeth have been feeling out of whack, and my two front teeth started to loosen. Then my right front tooth became even more loose than the other. I was really nervous. One of my worst nightmares involves my front teeth falling out! So I frantically searched the yellow pages for a dentist who was open on Saturdays and had an opening for a new patient. I finally found one that happened to answer their phone at 6:10 (they closed at 6:00) and made an appointment for 1:30 the following day.

They called around 11am and said that we could come in early if we wanted, I guess they had had a cancellation. So we got ready and headed off. The dentist was in a shopping center and on the way in I spied a Carl’s Jr or something like that with a play place. So after M dropped me off he took the children there to play.

After filling out the paperwork I went back and two “nurses” (dental hygenists or whatever you call them) came to take x-rays.  The one taking the x-rays must have been training, because the other one kept having to tell her how to do things, and she had to take a couple x-rays over because she didn’t have the thing positioned right. They had this huge plastic thing covered with a latex “sleeve” (think latex glove finger) with a wire coming out of it that was attached to the computer. The x-rays showed up instantly. The woman had to reposition the thingie to a new spot in my mouth for each x-ray, and the thing was so big, it was hard to bite down on to keep it in place. Sometimes it was so far back it was hard to keep from gagging, other times the corner was digging into the bottom of my mouth. It just wasn’t very pleasant, so I was relieved when they were done.

Then the dentist came in and examined me. He said I had a few cavities… I’m not sure if I have any new ones (maybe one) but others are existing silver fillings that are old and faulty and need to be replaced. They will be replaced with “white” fillings that are supposed to last the rest of my life. That was the good news! The bad news is that he thinks my wisdom teeth need to come out and that I need braces. Normally, I’d roll my eyes at this kind of advice, knowing that dentists hate wisdom teeth and want them pulled the same way doctors hate tonsils and want them removed for no reason. But… I’ve been having troubles in my mouth. When I was pregnant with C I started clenching my teeth at night. Now my “bite” is off and my teeth are hitting each other where they shouldn’t, causing them to loosen. Also, my wisdom teeth (as seen in my x-rays) are clearly tilted, leaning towards the other teeth. The dentist said they’re causing my teeth to be crowded. I believe one of my wisdom teeth has come through the surface, perhaps one more has partially come through, and then my two bottom ones are still under my gums.

 Originally the dentist gave me a referral paper for an oral surgeon. Yikes! I’ve never been “put under” before. Sounds scary. But then later he said he thought he could do the procedure under local anestesia in his office (also saving us money). Double yikes! I don’t like the idea of being put to sleep and having “surgery”, but I don’t like the idea of being aware of what’s going on while they cut my gums open and yank far back teeth out of my head. Can I pass on both Plan A and Plan B?? I’m afraid it will have to be done, though. They can also make me a night guard to wear to stop the clenching. (Or at least it stops the damage from clenching. Not sure if it stops the action.) I looked up online and our insurance company will pay 50% of the cost of orthodontics. I have no idea how much they cost though. I just know that it’s a lot. I don’t want braces, M doesn’t want me to have braces, we both don’t want to pay for braces… But, anyways, I know something has to be done about my mouth. This off bite is damaging. I think the plan for now is to just get the teeth extracted and see if that causes more room and things correct themselves. I guess I should probably get the night guard too, that will probably help. I would like to at least get our free consulation from the orthodontist, because the dentist said he could tell if/when I would actually need the wisdom teeth pulled. So I at least want to see if the orthodontist agrees and thinks they should come out or if I can keep them. (But, like I said, seeing the x-rays, I’m kind of skeptical that they’re harmless.)

We finally got to go to church again today. I can’t believe we only missed one Sunday! It seems like it’s been a long time since we were there. It was nice to see people again, but I didn’t really get a chance to visit with anyone. The sermon was excellent, the Sunday School was thought provoking. M went to the gym and was “taking his time” because he didn’t want to go all the way home. He called me during Sunday School and said he was leaving the gym, then when he got there he kindly sat in the parking lot for about 10 minutes while I finished up. It was almost perfect timing.

Ready for Church! Pretty Girl!

One of the other three ladies had her baby on Thursday, I think. She was scheduled to be induced today, but ended up going into labor and having her baby on his due date. I get to see him on Wednesday when we deliver a meal for them. Mrs. R is going to have a c-section tomorrow morning. I’ll also be dropping a meal off for them on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll get to meet this little one, too! The next baby is due in September, I believe.

Tonight was a flop. I have been wanting to make some kind of crockpot potatoes dish for awhile. Tonight I finally cubed some potatoes and poured some cream of mushroom soup mixed with milk over them. But they turned out all gluey. I don’t know what it is when potatoes get that way. I hate it. Then I was going to cook up some ground turkey and toss that in. I had a little left over in one package, but when I opened that, it was bad. Not to worry, I had a new one I picked up from the store on Wednesday (already??). I opened that and it was bad, too! Hmm, it had an expiration date of the day after I bought it. I’ll have to check that better next time. I wonder if it was ever good? Grrr. So that went in the trash, too! Plan B. I pulled out some frozen catfish nuggets and defrosted them in the microwave. Then I coated them in spiced-up cornmeal and fried them in the cast iron skillet. Yummy, right? YUCK! They tasted terrible. I don’t know what it was, hopefully they weren’t bad. I think it was just poor quality fish or something. I guess we’ll know tomorrow if we all wake up with food poisioning. So, after two attempts and it getting later and later, our dinner still wasn’t very good. I felt deflated and disappointed that I spent so much time on dinner, only to eat 1/2 plate of gluey potatoes. I took one bite of fish and gave the rest away. And I was counting on using the ground turkey in the meals I’m bringing to the ladies on Wednesday. I had all the ingredients to make enchiladas, but I guess I’ll now be using the chicken breasts from the freezer.

Well, this post has gotten way too wordy and long-winded, and it’s now past midnight, so I need to stop here and lay down. Ahh, yes, I’m blogging in bed!



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    Kristy said,

    You may want to look into or for dental info. How is your calcium intake? ~ especially with nursing that little darling.

  2. 2

    Thanks Kristy, I’ll take a look!

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