Staying on top of housework

Well, is everyone all caught up reading yet?

This morning I was hoping to get out for a walk before the weather turned too hot, but it was probably after 10 by the time we left and it was too hot already. We walked to a nearby playground and the children played for probably 5 minutes before we walked home again.

 I’ve been using my Ergo again. I had to use it when we went shopping the other day and M commented that he’d enjoy it if I used it around the house, too. He said he had been reading a baby magazine and how it said that it’s really good to carry your baby around with you. Even though I know that the studies show it makes children more content and even more independent, I still harbor feelings of doubt that if I get him used to being carried all the time, then he’ll get “spoiled” and not be able to be content when I put him down. I know that’s the opposite of what the studies have shown, so I just have to get over it and do it anyways.

I guess my dear husband is more of a “Mr. Steady” than I’ve realized in the past. I’ve noticed him making little hints, saying how he’d “like it” if I did this or that, but not coming right out and telling me I have to. So I’ve been trying to pick up on this and impliment these things anyways. One is to use my baby carrier. (I know I’ve succeeded in making him happy, he saw me wearing it last night and was just beaming and kept commenting on how happy he was that I was using it, how he feels sad and it seems like C is “lonely” when he’s laying in his bed by himself.) I have to admit, it does seem to make C happy, too. I put him in and he snuggles down and goes right to sleep. He seems very content, and sleeps for longer periods of time. I can pick him up and put him in the carrier when he’s sleeping and he just goes right back to sleep.

The other thing I’ve done is to remove all the toys from the livingroom. M has mentioned time and again how he hates it when toys are in the common living area. I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum, but, while that’s fine for me, I can see now that he doesn’t like any toys, not even a few. I had only a bucket of duplos and a box of books in the livingroom since we moved in (and occasionally some matchbox cars and army men), but he mentioned last week with a sigh how even with such a big house, we’re still doomed to have toys in the livingroom. So I put all the toys in the upstairs spare room, aka “play room”. The children sometimes carry on and act like they’re beng punished when I tell them to go upstairs to play, but, oh well. I think they’re getting used to it. They spend most of their time downstairs anyways, but if they want toys, they’re going to have to go upstairs for them from now on. I may at some later date allow one small box of toys downstairs that I can pick up and stash in the garage before M comes home from work. But I haven’t figured exactly how to work that yet,  since he comes home for lunch, too. Maybe I’ll just have to have them pick the toys up twice.

 Well, we’ve been living here for, what? 3 weeks? And, even though I’m not entirely unpacked and completely settled in, I have been managing to keep the house looking pretty good, uncluttered, and clean. Yay! On the off chance that one of my tips will help someone, I’ll tell you some things I’ve been doing.

Keep the kitchen clean! This is hard for me, but SO worth it. I hate a messy kitchen. And when you live in a house where the kitchen is open to the rest of the house, a messy kitchen, or cluttered counters makes the rest of the house look bad, too.

If I’ve run the dishwasher the night before, I empty it first thing in the morning, before breakfast. That way I have somewhere to put all the dirty dishes that accumulae all day.
As soon as I use a dish, I rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. (This also is a must for me because we have ants.)
I wipe the counter as I go. If I use a little area of the counter and get something on it, I wipe it up right  away.
I rinse out our blender as soon as the smoothies are poured. If I make a large batch of smoothie and it will sit for awhile before being used, I pour it into a pitcher and rinse the blender out. Blenders are harder to wash dried-on smoothie off of than pitchers.

I take a couple minutes at naptime and wipe the glass sliding door down. (At least the bottom half where all the fingerprints and smudges are.) I can do a “big job” cleaning the whole thing less often if I at least attack the smudges from the children on a regular basis. The same goes for the mirrored wall, and if they’ve gotten smudges on any other windows.

I also tackle the smears and smudges on doors, walls, stair bannisters, cupboards, etc. If you keep up with this stuff you won’t need to fear the dreaded “washing of the walls” or “wiping down of the cupboards”, because they’ll already be pretty clean.

After using the toilet, use a couple squares of toilet paper to wipe off the back of the toilet behind the lid, (y’know, that spot that gets all dirty?) and then lift both lids and wipe the front rim off too, if you have boys. Throw the tissue in the toilet, flush, and you were already going to wash your hands. Voila! No, the toilet isn’t “clean”, but it’s cleaner in the in between time, before you get around to scrubbing it down next.

Make use of bathtime by cleaning the bathroom while the children are bathing.
Use the washcloth to wipe down the tub and scrub any “ring” down as soon as the bath is over. That way it doesn’t build up.

Pick up the toy room every night before bed. I have been just doing that while MJ is in the bathtub in the other room, but I probably should have him helping me. I’ve purged our toys before the move so it doesn’t take but 5 minutes.

Make sure the kitchen is clean before you go to bed! It makes such a world of difference to wake up to a clean kitchen, ready to make breakfast.

Tidy the livingroom before bed, too.

Make the bed every morning as soon as you wake up.

Well, I need to go get some lunch for MJ now, and C is awake, too.
I’ll post more later if I think of anything else to add.
Hope this helps someone! Feel free to add your own in the comments, too!


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  1. 1

    Jenny said,

    Thanks for the newsy update and also the birthday greetings. We were, of course, very sorry to hear about Marcus’ decision, but rejoice in your patient submission to God’s will. He has called you to a difficult situation and we pray for you often.

  2. 2

    Thank you for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated. This is not an easy path, but I know Who is in control of it, and though it may seem dark at times, the Light is always with me to show me the way. I am also glad that we serve the Almighty God whose specialty is miracles. 🙂

    Trusting Him,

  3. 3

    beckwanda said,

    AMEN to that Amy!
    Fyi, you know my son. I carried that boy ALL the time in a sling. Up until he was almost 2. Sometimes on my hip as I was doing dishes. I will look for the sling I used. It’s especially handy as they get bigger. He is the most independent 4 year old I know! Thanks so much for the housework encouragement. For some reason I have issues with making the bed first thing. Don’t know what it is, but I need to work on it.
    Love you!

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