Catching Up: Posts from my Absense

I’ve been journaling while I’ve been offline, (we just got our internet hooked up about an hour ago) so here’s the updates.


Well, hello out there!

I don’t know if this is a weird idea or not, but I thought I’d keep a bit of a journal and then post it onto my blog once we get internet connection back up. So, the news will be a bit old, but at least you’ll be “caught up” on what’s been happening.

Today is Tuesday, June 26, by the way.

Right now M is upstairs installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom. The children are outside playing in the backyard, and I’m sitting on the couch with C.

On Saturday morning M went and picked up a U-Haul trailer and around 9:45 our two friends who were going to help us move came. (MW and JL.) We basically just needed help moving the “big things”, which consisted of:

Cal-King bed
Full size bed
Lazy boy
Dining room table
Entertainment center
Two dressers

They helped with some of the boxes, too. Then they took the load over (mostly furniture) and unloaded it at the house. MW had to be in LA later that day so he left about 11:00. JL came back with M and helped load the trailer again. Once we had it mostly loaded he went home and we took a break and continued last minute packing/loading. Finally around 3-4pm we drove out to our new house. M unloaded the trailer and then returned it to U-Haul. When he got back we went down the road to a nearby shopping center and had Subway for dinner.

We had picked up a refridgerator from someone who was moving the previous Sunday. When M brought it to the house on Monday, he plugged it in and it worked. He left it unplugged through the week, then when the men took the first load over on Saturday he plugged it in, but came home saying it wasn’t working. So we didn’t bring our food from the apt with us. When we got here later in the evening, however, it was working. We would like to eventually find a bigger refridgerator and put this one in the garage. It’s a smaller, “normal” sized one.

On Sunday, M dropped me and the children off at church and went to the apartment to clean. He did some touch-up painting and cleaned the carpets while he was there. We had to wait outside for awhile after everyone left because he wasn’t finished before we were. When M arrived to pick us up we went to The Olive Garden for lunch. That was fun. We haven’t been to a sit-down restaurant (ie non-fast food) since we celebrated our anniversary back in January. C even slept until the very end.

When we were done with lunch, M announced his intentions of going home and taking a nap before doing some shopping. He agreed to take me and the children to the library and drop us off while he went home and napped. After the library we would walk to the evening service, which happens to be right next to the library. Right when we were still in the library parking lot getting ready to walk to church the S’s happened to be driving by and saw us and gave us a lift down the road. Evening service is led by a new intern. It was nice to get to go, I haven’t been to evening service in a long time. After that, M came and picked us up and we went to WinCo for some groceries and home.

Well, E is done with her dinner and ready for her nightly bath before she goes to bed, so I have to go. One thing I’ve learned having a yard, is that “nighly baths” aren’t optional. I’ve got two very dirty children on my hands all the time now. (Especially since there’s a dirt/sand area for them to play in.)



Wednesday, June 27th

It is finally starting to get cool tonight. Last night it also got cool earlier, which was nice. It’s been very hot here, especially upstairs. The ceiling fans are in upstairs now, thanks to M’s diligent working last night. It felt good to sleep under one. The other one is up in the “loft”, aka school area. We actually have a small ceiling fan someone gave us when we moved to our apartment that we never installed. It’s going to go in the children’s room. Right now they have a box fan in there.
M is on his way home from cleaning the apartment, part two. He called dejectedly earlier and said it’s going to take a lot more work than he thought it would. Poor guy! He’s been absolutely swamped with work at “work” only to have to spend so much of his “off” time doing more work. Of course, last weekend was moving, Monday was a trip to the store, after which he installed an icemaker line on the back of the fridge, and hooked up the washer and dryer. Yesterday was installing ceiling fans, tonight, more errands and apartment cleaning.

We were all going to go clean the apartment after dinner tonight, but after M got home, he changed his mind and wanted to relax. After he had eaten dinner, however, he remembered that he had been planning to pick up a money order at our bank tonight when we went to clean the apartment, so he could drop it off at the property management place that is in another town, since he had to go to that town for a meeting tomorrow morning. I called at 6:20 to see what their hours were and they closed at 7pm, so M decided we should go. But, the children were still in the middle of eating their dinner, and I hadn’t even started on mine yet, due to feeding C, so reluctantly M left alone.

Later M called me and said he was considering hiring a cleaning girl. Then he said maybe I’d like the job, and he would pay me. I really don’t want to do it, mostly because I think having three children in our empty apartment, trying to keep them happy and clean at the same time doesn’t sound like my idea of a picnic. But, of course I told him he didn’t have to pay me and I would do it for him. He said since I didn’t want the money he’d treat me to a couple “romantical dinners” anyways. He’s sweet.
I already have plans for tomorrow, K is going to come by and see the house and bring me some baby clothes for C. I hope they stay for awhile, but I’m not sure. So M will be bringing us to the apartment Friday morning before work. (Which means we’ll all have to get up e.a.r.l.y.)

M just got back and I somehow fit all the food from our other fridge and freezer into this one. Then I made a long awaited smoothie! A few weeks ago our blender broke. We got a new one on Monday, but the smoothie-making ingredients were at the apartment. Surprisingly, I don’t feel like having any right now, though. I love the blender, though! Maybe I’ll find a pic of one online later and post it for you. Granted, I only used it once, but I liked the way it worked.

M just asked, “What are you writing over there, a novel?” so I suppose that’s my cue to sign off!



Friday June 29th

Ahh! Friday night! It feels so good to relax and not have to worry about tomorrow’s work. Yesterday K did come. The children all had a fun time playing together, and we had lunch. I made a “stuffed” meatloaf. I believe I may have made it before from that recipe, but I’m not positive. It was my first try at making a meatloaf with ground turkey, though. It had brocolli and smoked turkey lunchmeat on the inside. I was supposed to top it with cheese for the last 5 minutes of baking, but I forgot about that. It was tasty, though. It looked like it had overcooked and dried out, but it hadn’t, and was nice and moist. —Ugh! Pardon the interruption, I just had to get an ant off my hand. Must have transferred a few minutes ago from the counter while I was making a smoothie. This morning I was rushed making peanut butter sandwiches to go, and didn’t rinse the peanut butter/jam knife off well enough in the sink. So when we got back tonight there was a whole lotta ants in the sink, and the counter.

Today we all got up early and M took us to the apartment so we could clean. I did a thorough cleaning of the whole apartment, about half the time in the kitchen. I could list out everything I did so I’d feel somewhat vindicated, but I won’t bore you with the details. When the guy came at 4:00 to do a pre-move-out inspection he didn’t even look around and announced it would be $80 cleaning fee. He did go on to list all the detailed cleaning the lady would do, so I don’t feel so bad. But I did feel like it was kind of a waste of all day. Of course, I’m glad we did some things and made it nicely presentable before turning it over. But I didn’t have to do such a deep cleaning as I did. Oh well.

We got Subway on the way home. After eating, reading the paper, giving the children their nightly baths and stories, E is now in bed and MJ was doing Leapfrog Word Whammer upstairs, but he’s supposed to clean up and go to bed, too.

Tomorrow there’s a baby shower for two of the other women in our church who are pregnant. They’re both due in July. There’s one more pregnant lady, (so far) and she’s due in September. That starts at 11am and I’m not sure how long it will last. M said he might take a well-deserved nap while I’m there. He’s been working too hard! I hope this weekend is relaxing for him. (And for me!) So far, we don’t have any other plans. I think we’re just going to relax.



Saturday, June 30th

Wow, the last day of June, already! And, as of the 24th, we’ve been living in California for a year! One year of California living! I suppose now would be the perfect time to reminisce over the past year and list some of the news over the past year.

News from California: Summer of 2006-2007:

June 2006:
~We move in to Eagle Glen Apartments

~Meet wonderful people and make friendships with people at Harvest and Providence churches


~M begins working for Pardee Homes
~Attend Providence’s Women’s Retreat in the Big Bear mountains

~Find out we’re expecting #3

~Bike riding and boating at Diamond Valley Lake

~Meet my online friend, K who moved to the area from TX


~Get ash “rained” on us from huge forest fire nearby

~Become members of Providence OPC

~The anniversary of our betrothal


~Attend Thanksgiving dinner at the W’s house
~Get my first (and so far only) migrane headache

~Attend my first football game (highschool)


~The hard drive on our laptop (purchased in June) goes bad
~Eagle Glen discontinues free internet service

~Celebrate our 5th anniversary
~Go to the Santa Rosa Plateau for a day of hiking
~Buy Seaworld season passes

~My “Thursday Friends” the B’s, move to town (about 7 min. from my house)
~Finish sewing two tote bags as gifts for my sisters
~MJ’s 4th birthday
~M decides to renounce the Christian faith and revert to atheism


~M’s friend from his college years, S, comes out to visit
~Vacation with S to Disneyland, California Adventure, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo
~Baby shower
~MJ starts sounding out and reading some short words

~E’s 2nd birthday
~C’s due date comes and goes


~The birth of newest son, C
~Move out of Eagle Glen into house in Lake Elsinore

So, as you can see from that brief snippet of what our life’s been like over the past year… a lot of changes have occurred. Some for the better, some for the worst. I’m very glad to have the experience of living here in Southern California. I’m not sure I’d like to stay here for the rest of my life, but I have enjoyed the time spent here and will always look back on the memories with fondness. I’ve made some meaningful friendships with people here. I’ve watched my children grow and learn, and I’ve added a new little one to my family. I’ve also learned what sorrow and devistation look like with the announcement of my husband’s turn to athiesm. All my future plans and expectations now now look different because of this major change in our life. I will no longer be growing old with a co-heir in Christ, “stepping heavenward” together with my spouse. Nor will be unified in our desire to raise godly children in a christian home. I’ve also had the opportunity to grow in the Lord and be taught lessons in self-denial, patience, prayer and trust. If I’ve learned one thing this past year, it’s that a lot of things can change in the course of 12 months!

So, my advice for you is:

Be Thankful for what you have ~ Cherish every moment of every day ~ Lean on the Lord in all circumstances ~ Pray without ceasing

Now that I’m finished waxing eloquent, (or at least what I hope will pass as eloquence) I’ll return to detailing today’s activities.

I got up this morning and gave C his first “real” (not spongebath) bath. I don’t have a baby bathtub, so I did what I’ve done with the other two: fill the bathtub with an inch or two of water and lay baby on a towel inside the tub. I probably should not be admitting that I only just now got around to giving him a bath, but with the move I just didn’t make the time for it before. I can’t believe he’s almost a month old!!! (Yes, that sentence needed three exclaimation points.)

I made french toast for breakfast, and then after awhile we headed out for the baby shower. M got a haircut, went to the gym, had lunch (Quizno’s) and went to Wal-Mart to pick some things up. He actually didn’t have to go back home because by the time he was done with that, the baby shower was over. When he came to pick me up, L (who was hosting the baby shower) offered us a dresser they no longer needed. It had been in their garage and a chair had fallen on it and broken a piece of wood off the front, but we should be able to glue that back on. It’s actually pretty nice. We need some dressers so this will come in handy.

The baby shower was fun. It was a bit less organized than mine was, but that was fine. The only thing about that was that the gift-opening was kind of chaotic and we didn’t get to see everything they got. L baked and decorated (very cutely, I might add) the cake. The children had a good time and didn’t want to leave when it was over.

Tomorrow is the fellowship meal at church. We’re meeting in a different building for the first time (lasting through August 12th) because the school we usually meet at is recarpeting. Afterwards we’ll take the food to a nearby park for the meal. M said I could invite some people over afterwards, so we’re having the T’s and the S’s. That should be fun.



Monday, July 2nd

Yesterday, Marcus dropped me, the children, and the carseats off at church. When I walked into the new temporary building, I was quite surprised… it’s TINY! Everyone was sure squished in pretty good. I’m going to be so glad to get back to the old place after August 12th. 5 weeks is already sounding excruciatingly long. The outside isn’t very conducive to keeping an eye on playing children, either, after the service. It reminds me to be thankful for the building we’re usually in (a school). It really is perfect, comparatively.

After the service, which, unfortunately I missed most of, we went to a nearby park for the fellowship meal. (Our pastor is starting a new series through Hebrews that I’m really looking forward to. I know it’s going to be really good!) We were able to rent the covered picnic area, so it was cooler in the shade, but the weather was really hot. Mrs. T had to go home during the afternoon, so she (and the children) weren’t at the meal, and we had to wait for her before we could go to our house. The S’s and the T’s both had things they had to do in the evening, so they didn’t stay too long at our house. (We didn’t get home until sometime after 4… may have been after 5pm).
I threw some chicken breasts in the oven and then chopped them up, added them to diced, sauteed corn tortillas, added some cream of celery soup and salsa, topped with cheese and heated. Voila… it, along with the salad Mrs. T brought, was dinner. We also had some watermellon before hand that the S’s brought, and brownies and oatmeal cookies for dessert. They left shortly after dinner.

Today I called and ordered internet service. They will come out and set us up on Friday. I originally wanted to at least get a price from Verizon, but I was on hold for over 1/2 hour, then called back later and was on hold for over an hour. Needless to say, I’m not going to do business with a company that makes it impossible to get ahold of them to become a customer. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to talk to someone if we were already a customer and had a problem! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, I put the phone on speakerphone and did other things while I was waiting.)



Tuesday, July 3rd

Today is a mini Friday, as M gets tomorrow off. Unfortunately, since the 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, it’s not a 3 day weekend. Oh well, he was already compensated for that with a 4-day weekend for Memorial Day, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

My “Thursday Friends” the B’s came over today. This is the first time they’ve been to our new house, and the first time in a long time that we’ve gotten together. (I know we had to cancel a couple times before C was born, and we haven’t done it since his birth, either.) It was nice! They brought tacos, and I was originally going to make a salad, but I never did. We watched the second tape of Anne of Green Gables. The scenery in that movie is so pretty! Makes me want to move to Canada. (Not really, but almost.)

The rest of the week the temperature is supposed to climb even higher. I think today was supposed to be 105, and tomorrow and the next are supposed to be 107, then 105 the day after. I just read in the paper it’s supposed to “cool down” a little by the beginning of next week, but still be upper 90’s.

I don’t think we have any “4th of July” plans. I know we need to go grocery shopping, but apart from that, I’m not sure what we’ll do. MJ was recently (out of the blue) talking about how he enjoyed watching the fireworks last year, so maybe I’ll see if M is interested in going to watch them somewhere. It’s a shame it will be so hot tomorrow. I think we need to buy a sprinkler for the yard or something. There’s an area in the yard that would be perfect for a small pool, but I don’t want to have to not have the children go out when I’m not out there.

Well, I’m sitting here on the floor in the bathroom writing this while E is bathing, and I hear C starting to whimper, so I need to get E finished up and off to bed. The children weren’t even outside very much (just for a few minutes) so they aren’t really dirty enough to need a bath, but I think it’s so much a part of the bedtime routine, that E would be upset if we didn’t do it.



Thursday July 5th

Last night I started getting a breast infection. This morning I woke up feeling pretty lousy. It took me by surprise because usually I can tell that I’ve slacked off with nursing on a certain side and am partially to blame, but this time I never got engorged or anything. I took some acetominaphin this morning and then went back to bed, nursing as long as C was awake. Unfortunately, E woke up at about 6:30 and wasn’t interested in going back to sleep. (Who woulda thought? She didn’t nap yesterday and went to bed after 10pm!!) I forced her to stay in the bed with me so I could get some rest. She wasn’t very happy about it, but I didn’t get up until after MJ woke up, about 9am or later. I felt better after I took the medicine, then started feeling a bit worse when that wore off, but never as bad as at first. Thankfully it’s seemed to pass without much fuss.

I had three people that were supposed to come today but none of them ended up being able to make it. It was probably for the better, anyways, I didn’t have to feel rushed in getting the house company ready.

Yesterday we didn’t do much. M mostly read all day, and then after 7pm we headed off to WinCo in Temecula. Had we been a little later we could have seen the fireworks while we were driving, as it was we missed the Temecula ones by about 1/2 hour early and the Lake Elsinore ones coming home 1/2 hour late. M and I were both very tired today. He didn’t come home for lunch until about 2, which is extremely late. (He’s usually here by 11:30-12:00. I had called a couple times and got no answer, so I had just given up on him and ate lunch about 1:30. I had just cleaned up when he came in. After he left I put E down for a nap and was even able to snooze myself for awhile. That was nice. After M got home we watched a movie, then had dinner and I just put E down and MJ is in the bath. We had crockpotted chicken (yummy!), corn on the cob, and spinach salad with tomatoes, olives, celery, radishes and mushrooms.

Can’t think of much else except that I’m really glad it’s Friday tomorrow!! Oh, and we’ll be getting our internet hooked up tomorrow between 9-12, so I should be able to post this tomorrow! Sometimes I really enjoy blogging, and this is one of those times. I’m glad I decided to keep up, even though we were offline.

Have I mentioned lately how much I like our house?? I’m feeling more and more like it “fits us”. I really, really love it. It’s so nice. It’s big, but, y’know, it doesn’t feel “too big” like the house in North Dakota felt to us. This is all usable space. Anyways, M just came up to go to bed and I realized it’s 9:20, so I need to go get MJ out of the bath, and then go back downstairs and clean up after dinner. Then I can scoop up my little baby boy who is A MONTH OLD today (!!!) and come snuggle with him in bed. Ahh, the joys of motherhood. It doesn’t get any better than this!



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    Great post. Thank you for sharing. Have a great and reflective day.

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