Charles’ First Outing

Well, today Charles ventured outside the confines of our apartment for the first time!

I woke up about 6am, but convinced myself I didn’t need that much time to get ready for church, and slept until nearly 8. I had gotten my cute new diaper bag (baby shower gift) all ready the night before, and had stress dreams all night that I got up in the morning ready to go and it was missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere!

As it was, we did end up being a couple minutes late. I hadn’t installed the infant carseat into the truck before hand, so I was fumbling around with that at the last minute, having trouble with the buckle. We finally got it figured out and were on our way… with three carseats in the back!

Charles was properly “oohed” and “ahhed” over after the service. I was wondering how having three young ones by myself in the service would go, but they were pretty well behaved, and Charles slept through the whole morning. (I also had Mrs. W’s daughter A offer to sit with me.)

We can start moving in to our new house on Friday! M would like to get moved in asap. But we have until the end of the month to be out of our apartment. So we’ll see how soon we get in. I’m also excited to see the place! I haven’t yet, except for driving by the outside. It will be fun. Quite the adventure, having a baby and moving all in the same month!

I’m recovering really well. This birth and recovery has gone very smoothly, and I’m feeling really great. (I just hope I don’t overdo it since I feel so good.)

We’ve been getting meals from the kind families at church. That has come in handy. A couple people also might be coming by this week to help out a bit.

Having this baby really makes me glad to be moving into a bigger place, because I don’t hardly know where to put all his stuff… and we don’t even hardly have any clothes for him yet! Also, our life (especially during the day with the children and I) has gotten very undisciplined, and I hope that the change will make it easier to break old habits and start afresh.

The birth story will be forthcoming! I’m also trying to get shots of all the siblings together, but Charles has slept so much the past two days it’s kind of hard.



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