Setting up

Well, we never did get anything set up last night. This morning before I got up M had already started  taping plastic sheeting down in the livingroom. He changed his mind about using the playroom. I really don’t have a preference. Either way would probably work equally well.

We also went to Sams Club tonight for a few groceries. We haven’t been there in awhile. Ever since we discovered WinCo, we’ve been primarily shopping there instead. They have pretty good prices. Our Sams Club membership is about to expire near the end of the month. We don’t plan to renew, since we’ll be moving. They have a Costco in our new town, which I’ve heard is basically the same. So we’ll probably either get a Costco membership or just shop at WinCo instead.

We also stopped by the library to return some things that were due today and I picked up a bunch of dvds for the children to watch during/after the birth. I got a few adults movies too. We watched one tonight. “Twins” with our Governor, Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Danny Devito. I’d never seen it before. M had. It’s pretty funny. It’s also especially funny to watch Arnold and to think that he’s the governor of such a big state! Weird. Maybe people felt the same way watching Ronald Regan in “Bedtime for Bonzo” after he’d become involved in politics.

I’m a little frustrated that the house is kind of messy. I wish I had the energy and wherewithal to clean it myself, but I just don’t. Once I get one area looking tidy again I turn around and someone’s made a mess in another part of the house. I’ve been really trying to stay on top of the housework the past couple weeks, and doing a good job, too. But it’s so frustrating because it seems like I have to stay right on top of it constantly or it just falls apart. And I’m too tired to stay on top of it. If I don’t clean up every little thing out of place as soon as it gets out of place, then it builds up until it’s an overwhelming task to get it back to normal. I do okay during the day, but by the evening or weekend, I’m tired and just want to rest. So, the areas that are messy right now were clean one day ago. Really, nicely clean. Now they aren’t. It makes me depressed. And I really don’t want to labor in a messy, chaotic environment.

Maybe if I’m not in labor tonight, I’ll be able to pull myself together and straighten up tomorrow. M thinks I might be in labor. I am not convinced. True, I’ve had some strong contractions. But they aren’t consistant enough for me to agree with his prognosis. But then again, my labors are funny and the timing of the contractions is all over the place until the very end. I had several in a short amount of time while we were watching the movie, enough to make me start wondering. But ever since then, the ones I’ve had have been pretty far apart. So, who knows.

M went to bed and I’m going to go relax and read on the couch for a little bit before joining him. I don’t want to try to go to bed too early and then not be able to sleep. Or sleep too long and be groggy in the morning. I wonder if I’ll be going to church tomorrow or having a baby??



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