Well, nothing so far.

We went to the health food store to get some more red raspberry leaf and they were out! Again! Grr. I was hoping to make up a strong dose and see if that did anything.

M is wanting to do something to try to kickstart labor tomorrow (Sat). We’re not sure exactly what all that will include. Possibly accupressure, that’s supposed to work pretty good, and we can just do it ourselves. We’re going to set everything up in the ‘birthing room’ tonight. Even if it doesn’t work, it will at least be soon! I’m excited.

You want to hear something funny? The majority of people I run across (strangers on the street, store cashiers, etc) ask me, “Are you having a boy?” Sometimes people ask, “What are you having?” But never, “Are you having a girl?” and mostly just the boy comment. How funny! I’ve never had that before. I wonder if they’ll all be right?



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