Today I’ve been really tired and mostly just conked out on the couch. I got up to have a little snack, then I’m heading back. Would be nice to get E down for a nap first…. we’ll see if she seems like she’s in a napping mood. She’s kind of starting to ‘outgrow’ naps or something. Some days she willingly goes down, others it’s a big fight. Sometimes I don’t even try to put her down and she’s fine, other times if she misses her nap she’s a mess.

I had been having so many braxton-hicks contractions over the four-day weekend that I thought for sure something was going to happen really soon. But since Tuesday nothing really at all has been happening. I’ve had a few contractions, but really hardly any.

It seems on nights that I get a “good” sleep I’m the most tired the next day. When I sleep from 2am-7am I feel great. Go figure. Maybe I don’t need as much sleep as I’ve always thought? Maybe that’s why I’m always tired. I sleep too much? I don’t know. But I am tired right now and so I’m going back to the couch to take a nap. I am trying to be tuned in to my body’s needs and figure it’s good to rest if I’m tired since labor could start at any time. I’d really rather not go into it when I’m tired.

E just climbed into my lap and she’s soaking wet. I’m not sure if it’s her diaper or if she spilled the water she had, but I’d better go change her.

Thanks for the prayers, everyone! And thanks for reading!


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    Mary Jo said,


    It’s so great to see that you’re back in the blog world. I had no idea you were pg. until Amy (the one who lives in FL) told Lauren Murch while I was visiting them (Ben) this past week. You’ll be in my prayers! I’d love to talk to you again sometime soon. I didn’t realize it had been SO long since we talked!

    -Mary Jo

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