Here I am… 5 days past my due date and still no baby on the outside. I’m okay with that today. Yesterday I was having a rougher day. I think I overslept and then just felt tired and icky all day. And emotional. I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever and just wanted to hurry up and have this baby, right now!  It feels like my life is on hold until this happens. So, I was pretty miserable.

Today after a good night’s sleep I have a new perspective and feel more cheerful. I know that this baby will come in his/her own time.

We went shopping yesterday, and to the library and to pick up a couple Freecycle items. I got a bag of women’s shoes in my size, sandals and clog type shoes. Most of them don’t fit because my feet are so swollen, but I expect they probably will. My own regular shoes don’t fit anymore either. I also got some more Leapfrog magnets to go with the Word Whammer and  Fridge Phonics thing we have. (We got these from the same lady before, she found more magnets and contacted me.)

Well, I need to go put E to bed now.


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