Busy Week

Well, I realized I had better post another entry. I can hardly believe it’s already Wednesday. This week has seemed to be going by fairly quickly. That’s good, at least. Seems like full weeks after long weekends have the tendancy to drag.

I only have a minute, as I have dinner prep going. We’re having chinese tonight. Mmm! I have some calrose (sticky) rice cooking, chicken thawing, and I’ll cut the chicken up, coat with flour and fry a bit then mix up this packet of sauce mix. Looks tasty. I got it at an oriental market down the street a bit. I even have genuine chopsticks to use! And some stir fry veggies I’m gonna throw in the wok.

Tomorrow my Thursday visitors are coming. Mrs. B is providing the meal, I’ll make some salad. Mrs. P is going to be able to join us this time, too.

What else? Oh yes. Urgent news. We may be without internet access for an indefinate period of time. Last month we got a flyer on our door saying that the company that provides our internet (free with the apt) is going out of business and our internet would be down after the end of November. The month’s end really crept up on me, and I failed to research anything until today. For being such a large area, it’s surprising that we don’t qualify for coverage from a lot of companies. I did find that Earthlink (I think) can reach us. So we might go with that. I still have to talk to M when he gets home.

Which…. he’ll be home any minute so I need to finish up with dinner.

Do you know what that SWEETIE-PIE did for me last night? He had to take a dvd back to the rental place after work and when he came home he had brought back Starbucks for me! It meant a lot more to me than just getting Starbucks. He doesn’t usually think of that kind of stuff, so the gesture was incredibly sweet. I love my man so much! He’s really got a heart of gold. Our 5th anniversary is only a little over a month away! 5 wonderful years I’d never trade for anything!

Ok, I really must see to dinner now!


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    Jennifer said,

    That was so sweet! Your dinner sounded delicious too. mmmm

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