I’m going to make two posts today. One about yesterday, one about today.

Yesterday we left home at about 9:45. We first stopped at Albertsons to pick up a small bouquet for the hostess. It was really crowded. Wouldn’t have thought that many people would be buying stuff last-minute! After I finally got out of there with my one purchase, we were off!

I love the drive out to the W’s house. It’s really pretty. Rolling hills. I commented on it, and M replied, “Yeah, for the desert.” Yes. I’ve come to realize there is beauty even in the desert. I have always been partial to greenery, but somewhere along the way, after I stopped pining for green that wasn’t there, I realized that the desert can be beautiful in it’s own way.

Upon arriving, the kitchen was bustling with busy ladies and fantastic smells. There wasn’t much left to be done, but Mrs. S and I whipped up a bowl of … oh brother! Now I can’t remember what it was called. It was a punch drink made up of white wine, triple sec, lemon slices, raspberries, peach slices and ginger ale. It was quite tasty.

After everyone got there, we had some appetizers of buffalo wings, dried apple slices, seems like there was one other thing, and Mrs. L W’s wonderful, delicious sushi. I could eat her sushi all day. There was a huge platter, so I indulged in several.

People were mingling and talking, there was a game of ping pong going on, and the teenagers were getting some charades cards ready for later. (Incidentally, all the children there, with the exception of baby M, (6 mos old) were girls. Poor MJ!)

Then the feast was ready! And a feast it was! There was tons of food, all extremely delicous, carefully prepared, and beautifully displayed on the serving table. 

There was turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, two types of green beans, a couple different stuffings, sweet potatoes with nuts on top, delicious home-made rolls, corn, salad, THE best gravy ever, and probably more that I can’t recall right now. Everything was so delicious. I had to go back for a small 2nd helping. (Plus the fact that E ate some off my plate!) There was also a dessert table set up with about 8 pies of different varieties, a platter heaped with cookies that were very similar to the “Double Chocolate Treasures” cookies we used to make when I was growing up, pudding and some peanut butter bars. (And fresh whipped cream for the pies!)

A lot of time and preparation went into making the meal very memorable. It surely was! Our church has great cooks! No unidentifiable Great-Aunt Matilda style “casseroles” when we have our meals at church. 

After eating, several people went outside to hang out. The W’s place is in a very beautiful rural place. The view is tremendous! They breed labradores, and also have two horses, which the older girls got out after lunch. They gave the littler children turns on the horses. I wasn’t sure if MJ would go for it or not, since in June he was terrified of miniature ponies, but surprisingly he was excited and had a turn on both horses! My little cowboy! He had lots of fun.

After awhile M wanted to go home to work on a project, but the fun was just getting started, so he let me stay, and took MJ home with him.

We played (well, ok, I just wanted to be a spectator, but was reluctantly dragged into it) charades. It got pretty hilarious at times. Then we played The Game of Knowledge. We had three teams, The Dads, The Moms, and The Kids. After some heated discussions about game rules, we finally got settled down and The Dads and The Kids were neck-and-neck until the latter finally pulled through to become the champions.

Then we had to heat up leftovers and eat again! 😉 After a wonderful, fun-filled day, we finally headed home. The T’s graciously had offered to give me and E a ride home. We had a good conversation on the way back to town.

I just hope we get invited again next year… it truly is an honor.



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    […] PS It’s almost Thanksgiving!!! I can hardly wait to go to the W’s house again! It was so fun last time. […]

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