I’m feeling better now.
Monday evening I started getting a headache. It ended up lasting all agonizing night and all the next day and didn’t leave until somtime after going to bed on Tuesday. I think it may have been a migrane. My Mama and one of my brothers gets migranes. I was reading that it’s heriditary. I had a similar, long-lasting headache right before coming down with the flu a couple weeks ago, though it wasn’t quite as bad nor as long. This time I threw up twice because the pain was so bad. I’m hesitant to as for help unless I just cannot do it myself (like a couple broken legs or whole body cast or something!) But I finally had to call a friend to come help out so I could go take a nap. Mrs. P is so thoughtful, she even brought and prepared a delicious chicken for dinner!

Now that that is over, I hope to never experience it again!!

Today I read a wonderful post on an online aquaintance’s blog. I have about 4 blogs that I read most days a week, but hers I only go to occasionally. I have now put a link in my favorites. She’s only 19, and not yet married, but I was so blessed by her post: Home-Making to the Glory of God. That should take you right to the post. If not, it’s currently 2nd from the top.

Yay! As I was writing this post, we got our shipment from Crown & Covenant…. we finally bit the bullet and replaced some of our Psalm CD’s and tapes. They were having a clearance sale and we were able to get most quite cheaply. We ordered last Tuesday, and it was coming from Pennsylvania, so we didn’t expect it quite yet. We’re listening to a new CD right now!

M got off work a couple hours early today! It’s a four-day weekend. We always enjoy those! We’re looking forward to spending tomorrow with several families from church at the W’s house in a rural area about 30/45 minutes away.

Well, I have a late dinner in the oven, so I’ll wrap up now.


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