Take Me Out to the (Foot)Ball Game…

Well, last night we did something a bit unique! We went to a high school football game! Convienently located not too far down the road, Chaparral’s Puma’s vs. Redlands East Valley… dunno what they were called. Chaparral (the home team) won, 27-21.

It was a fairly exciting game. In the first 1 minute, 1 second of play, each team had already scored a touchdown. It had it’s moments of suspense, but sometimes I couldn’t see what was going on, because when something good happened, everyone would stand up, and I was holding a sleeping E on my lap. This was the first time I have ever been to any kind of sporting event. I had a good time. Although, next time I’ll have to remember to bring something cushiony to sit on!

This morning, we have already downed our breakfast of fried eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes (we had a couple left over from yesterday), hot cocoa and orange juice. I don’t often make big breakfasts like that, but they sure do hit the spot when I do.

We’re going to try to find someplace to ride bikes today.

Next week is only a 3-day week! M gets Thursday and Friday off. Yay!



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