Ode to Homemade Bread

Well, yesterday I got a pleasant surprise! My friend S called and asked if it was ‘okay’ to bring by some beef stew and homemade bread for dinner. Was it okay?? No! You may NOT under any circumstances bring me any of that delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, home made, whole wheat bread. I refuse to eat it! Don’t tempt me! Oh….. okay, I suppose I could choke some down if you forced me!

Honestly, she makes the BEST bread I’ve ever tasted! It’s healthy, 100% whole wheat (freshly ground) and so soft! Once I get another Bosch <wishful thinking!> she’s going to have to have a bread lesson with me! Even MJ (who generally really doesn’t like bread) was devouring it last night! He had thirds on bread. And before dinner, while the bread was sitting in the basket on the counter, he couldn’t stop hovering over it, asking when it was dinnertime. All of her breads taste great, but this one smelled heavenly, too!

Thank you, so very much, S! You are a sweet lady and I’m blessed to call you my friend!



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