United 93

Well, we watched United 93 last night, so, as promised, here’s my take on it.

First off, we felt like we had already seen the movie. Some things are extremely similar. (The terrorists shaving beforehand, the guy running late who barely makes it onto the plane, etc.)

This one had a lot more action. The other was more of a tearjerker, featuring lots of footage of the families on the ground. This one didn’t show the other end of any of the calls made by passengers.

The hijacking was more action-packed, as well as the passenger takeover. The other one seemed more drawn out with all the phone calls made in between the hijacking and the people rushing the terrorists, that you thought, ‘When are they going to attack?’ There also seemed to be more of the “planning” talk featured in this one, instead of all the goodbye calls.

United 93 also had a lot more goings on of the air traffic and military folks on the ground. It went from, “What? A possible hijacking?? When was the last time we had one of those?” to, every plane that doesn’t respond is now considered a risk.

This one also ended much more abruptly. From inside the plane it shows the ground getting closer and closer and then there’s black. And that’s the end of the movie. The other movie had a few minutes of on the ground, wreckage footage, and the survivor’s reactions. I liked that better.

So, overall I think I would say I liked United 93 better, but if you watch both then you get the best of both!

My take,


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